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Today has been moist and cloudy all day - the temperature is still in the low 50s at best, so it's dank and chilly, too. Spring.

Luckily I have my sewing space to retreat into - happy, happy place. :)  I actually managed to sew quite a bit yesterday and today (for me). I sewed up the center block in my butterfly wreath design, the floral center:

Center flower

I must say that I am quite pleased with how it came out. :) Tomorrow I will work on the next butterfly motif, the one situated below this flower. Then I can sew the center column of three blocks together. :)

I did not work on the butterfly today because I got sidetracked onto another job. My 'traditional' guild, Faithful Circle, has a LOT of members who have been sewing masks, scrub caps, etc., for local hospitals. Our president asked me to work up some designs for members to use their scraps from these projects to make commemorative blocks. I spent a couple of hours this evening making two blocks to test my designs and I'm pretty happy with how they came out, too. :) I sent photos off to the powers-that-be for approval ... once I get the nod, I will share them here (no big deal:).

It is extremely wonderful to be able to just walk into my space, sit down and SEW. I have missed doing that and I'm so glad that my 'sewjo' has come back to me. Happy sigh. I am even enjoying cleaning the room up now that the worst drudgery is over (I _think_; heaven knows how I'll feel when I really have to start doing the hard sorting:). I look forward to getting my son to help me spread out the carpet I bought to go under my machine.

I attended a Zoom meeting this afternoon with my Baltimore modern guild friends - getting to be a welcome pattern (we've met for three Saturdays now). So nice to discuss the world's problems with like minded folk. :)

I talked to my daughter and two grandsons yesterday ... I am SO glad we don't have small kids at home during this shutdown! I loved my children dearly but taking care of small kids is exhausting, thoroughly. Whew! Of course, as a grandma, I can spectate and laugh at their antics (harder to do when you have to be the peacekeeper:).

Tomorrow I get to sew on Green Butterfly. Fun! Fun!

:) Linda


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