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Pooh and Piglet are braver than I am. :) It was this blustery today - and rainy, on and off - and they went walking anyway. Me, I stayed inside. :) The sun did come out a couple of times but didn't stay out for very long. Chilly, too, especially for May the 9th! We are definitely having a long, cool, protracted spring this year - wonder if that means the heat will come on heavy (when it does come)?

Mostly I sewed today ... and visited with my local quilting friends via Zoom. So nice to see different faces and hear different voices! :)

I decided to set aside my butterfly adventures for a few days to assemble this book block project for the modern guild. I only have to make the flimsy - other guild members will quilt, bind, label and show off the quilt. It is intended to serve as one of the four? five? major prizes for our guild's Quilt Bingo in late September.

People _really_ pulled out the stops (so to speak:) for making these blocks! I will share them in sets as I get them sashed. Here are the first eight. Please take the time to click on the images and look at them - read the 'pages' prints. Sooooo cute! :)

Book 1
Book 1

The title for this book is hand embroidered!
Book 1

This one is, hands down, my personal favorite - loving Halloween

as I do AND being a lapsed laboratory scientist. :)

Book 4
Book 4
Book 4

Book 7
Book 7
Book 7

As I hope you can tell from the photos, I am sewing a second border/sash of 'low volume' prints around each book block. I bought an entire 'jelly roll' a while back from Burkholders Fabrics one day when I was out on a quilting lark with my friends Patty and Barbara. All the fabrics in this roll were 'low volume' text or number prints. Today I counted and found that there were ten different prints with four strips of each in my roll. I was (mentally) dancing a jig - that means three books can be made with one print edging them. I am undecided at this point as to whether I will further sash the blocks after that to separate the books even more. When I first visualized this treatment, I thought I would (maybe with a 'wood' textured print) - now that I can see some of the blocks actually sashed, I am thinking to let them float on the backgrounds. We'll see. :)

Another happy thing that happened today - my Wish fabric order from Blue Bar Quilts came in the mail! I am so pleased with these prints!

Wish fabs

The pink triangle print on the top is canvas - not sure exactly what I will make with it (I am thinking new purse). :) I bought enough of the pink/turquoise stripe to be the backing on my improv plus quilt (pieced early last fall). That is intended to go on the guest bed I plan to put in my  new sewing room. :) The others I bought just because I liked them (including the white 'paper' print with just a corner showing there on the bottom).

Tomorrow, maybe some sunshine? Hugh and I likely will have to go grocery shopping and maybe we will order out for dinner.

:) Linda



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