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Chilly Sunshine


Today was chilly with a high in the mid50s (hard to believe it is the middle of MAY!) ... but sunny with passing clouds. We absolutely needed food so I dragged my poor son out to shop despite his staggering fatigue - he always has a difficult time with the daylength halfway between equinox and solstice in both spring and fall; he can't sleep and is super-hyper, poor man. Anyway, I had no pity on him today as our low supply level was making me cranky. :)

Off we went to buy groceries before either of us had our lunch. Bad timing is sometimes the only timing you have. Sigh. Luckily, we found most of what we needed to buy and made it home in about an hour. There were not many people at the store on a Wednesday afternoon, thankfully. 

Once we had all the goods packed away at home and I had eaten lunch, I went back to sewing sashing onto book blocks for a couple of hours. Here are today's cute books:

Book 5

Book 5

Book 5


Book 2

Book 2


Book 2

I have four more sashing fabrics to use which must represent twelve more book blocks. Then I can start to assemble the top. (fingers crossed:)

Otherwise, I had a quiet day - it was too chilly to sit out on my deck. I did dishes and read some books (two, for today). And played solitaire and Stardew Valley a while.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a teleconference with my lung doctor. That should be interesting, I've never done one of those before. 

:) Linda


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