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It's beautifully mellow weather we are having here in eastern Maryland yesterday and today. Mid80s, sunny to partly cloudy, breezy with lots of happy bird song - perfect for sitting on the deck or walking outdoors. :)

I had to go out to pick up some prescriptions at  Walgreens yesterday so, as long as I was going out and being exposed, I gathered up some other errands to run, too. First I stopped at the post office to buy stamps (from the machine) and mail a letter. Then off to Home Depot to pick up a nice ceramic pot and some soil that I had ordered online - I need to replant the mother-in-laws tongue plant I got from my Grandma years ago. It has needed replanting for a couple of years and I finally got my brain and my fingers together at the same time to prepare. :) Then I stopped at Walgreens for my meds and some soap - the bar soap I wanted (Dove brand) was locked up in a case while all the other soaps set out in plain reach. Had to hunt up an employee to open the case so I could buy my hand soap. Apparently thieves have good taste (or make a profession of selling bar soap?).

The last errand I ran was to stop at Wegmans grocery store to pick up a few items we were unable to find elsewhere. That was an adventure - I'm still not totally familiar with where things are there so it took a bit of hunting to get everything on my list. :) Since it was a bit, ahem, warm, it took me a while after I got  home and put things away to air out. I spent a very happy hour yesterday (and again this afternoon) sitting out on my deck in the shade, enjoying the outdoors. (Happy sighs!)

I even managed to make dinner for the three of us last night - not something I do every day. :)

Today being Saturday, I was happy to attend the weekly Zoom meeting for the Columbia Friends Bee of the Baltimore modern guild. We had a good turn out ... and I managed to sew another butterfly block while I chatted:


I'm pleased with the fabric I found for the  upper wings on this butterfly - nice circles. :)


As you can see, I'm down to the last two butterflies to piece. Yeah! :) So far, so good.

Tomorrow I have another Zoom meeting of quilting buddies to go to (Sew&Tell). Happy, happy. :) I also managed to do some more working on cleaning out the closet of my new sewing room today and got Hugh to help me start shifting some of my crap treasures up there. Much more to do, but it is getting done bit by bit. 

:) Linda


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