Piling Up

More Zooming


The color for today was purple. :) Hang with me here.

The weather was overcast and a bit cooler today but I did not even notice until hours after I got up. Today was the regularly scheduled monthly meeting for my Sew&Tell circle. Like many other groups, we met by Zoom since getting together in person is still off the table (so to speak:). I _think_ this is the end of week 9 of our shutdown time of isolation and Howard County (where we live) is not able to meet the governor's first stage for recovery opening, yet.

There were 7 of us (eventually) at the meeting and we gabbed for ages. :) We haven't met in person since March(?) so we had lots of time to cover. It was good to catch up on how everyone is doing! 

Unlike yesterday, I did not manage to focus well enough to sew while we chatted. Shrug. Sometimes I can multitask, others not so much. :) I did eat lunch just as we started talking as my stomach was insisting on its due.

I began on my desktop iMac but had to resort to my iPhone pretty quickly. For some reason I don't understand, Zoom was not getting sound from my Mac's microphone correctly. Video was fine but the audio was no-go. Sigh. I moved with my phone into my sewing room for the remainder of the meeting which was a better venue for me, anyway.

After the Zoom, I buckled down and sewed together the next butterfly for my wreath - Purple (hence the purple flower at the beginning of my post:)



I only have one butterfly to go - indigo. I have to dig around in my chaotic stash downstairs to find my indigo prints (I _love_ indigo and have a considerable variety:). I only need small bits for the wings so I might even be able to use charm squares. Fingers crossed - I'd like to get this baby sewn together and quilted and on my gallery wall sometime this month. :) 

I got to chat with my daughter this evening. I love hearing from her ... it brightens my day right up!

:) Linda


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