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Piling Up


Sometimes I feel like my ideas and memories are a big, jumbled pile of stuff I have to dig through and excavate to find the important things. :) Sort of like a big, jumbled pile of dinosaur bones. Then I can laugh about how unsorted it all is. :)

The past few days have been more-or-less the same as the past ten weeks ... work a little, sew a little, read a little, sleep a lot. Today I managed to start sewing together the book blocks into a quilt top. I tried hard to trim all the blocks to the same size before I pressed them (and checked the size again after pressing). Still, when I started work today I discovered a fair bit of discrepancy in their sizes ... sometimes by as much as an inch. Sigh. I work so hard at it and _think_ I'm being precise and careful ... and it still comes out wrong sometimes. :P

I KNOW the sashing/framing strips I added to each book block were cut the same width. I truly don't know (other than genuine outright error in measurement on my part) where the mistakes crept in. Good thing I have learned to build in a bit of leeway for corrections! I sewed the top two rows of blocks (five books in each row) together ... then constructed two more rows. By the time I had done that, I was tired and hungry for my supper so I stopped.

I estimate that I am about half done with making the top .. and I will finish it this weekend (fingers crossed). Here is a glance at the pile of finished stuff:


The light coming in the window off to the left was from a very overcast sky so the colors of these blocks are a bit yellower than reality. Shrug. Better photos when the top is done, I trust. :)

Likely you can't see it in this picture but I did lay out the blocks sorted by sashing print and then carefully made sure each print appears once every two rows. The numbers really worked out well - I had ten different 'text' prints and enough of each one to sash/frame three book blocks. I want my quilt to be arranged five blocks wide by six blocks long ... so just chose sashing print 1 through five for the first row and 6 through 10 for the second row. Repeat three times, use all  the blocks, assemble the quilt top without much more randomization. 

No, I am not planning to play 'does this book look better here or there' games - you can do that forever! There is such a wonderful assortment of topics, colors and shapes in the thirty book blocks I don't think there is a _wrong_ way to put them together. :) Luckily I know the quilting will be well done and will unify the whole thing. :)

We ordered pizza for dinner tonight, the third time we've eaten 'out' in ten weeks. Much below our usual. I have been enjoying cooking for a surprise and change (yesterday I made quiche for dinner again; two days ago I made taco casserole). Life is full of the unexpected. :)

My daughter and son in law were tested for Covid19 yesterday - luckily they were both negative. Wisconsin is apparently having an high allergen filled spring, much as we have here in MD, and they are both suffering more than usual with respiratory distress. I was glad to hear it, mostly because they have the two little boys to care for ... and parenting contracts do not come with days off for sick leave.

:) Linda


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