This Has Got To Stop!



Today was quite pleasant ... lovely weather, in the mid80s temperature-wise, with fluffy white clouds on a blue sky. We finally turned the house air conditioning on yesterday as it was getting quite stuffy upstairs (despite the two fans we have to circulate the air).

I think I need to get another desktop fan for my sewing room - it was really too warm in there as I was sewing yesterday. :P

Today, being a Saturday, was what has become our regular weekly Zoom along for the Columbia Friends group of the Baltimore modern guild. There were lots of folks there today and it was good to catch up. I have really come to look forward to these meetings. :) I even managed to wake up BEFORE the meeting today so I could visit. LOL.

As I was waking up and waiting for things to start, I sewed together the last pair of book block rows for the bingo quilt:

More rows

Next time I sit to work on this I will join the three pairs-of-rows to make the top. Then it will be on to figuring and making a backing so I can send the project on to the quilter. :) I think this will be a very nice prize quilt (if I do say so myself:).

Since I was not inclined to keep working on the books, I pulled out the 'leaf' English Paper Piecing shapes I bought at Springwater last week and started basting those. I like to glue baste these days, though I have mostly stopped using paper templates (replaced them with stiff stuff that doesn't have to be removed). 

I expect these leaves to become a mini quilt (have 42 template pieces), so removing the papers doesn't feel so overwhelming. :) Here's how I did (first I cut from my scrap basket, then from the Kaffe fabrics I bought at Springwater last week):


You know I like bright, right? :) I have to ponder what kind of background to make for these - I expect it will be 'low volume' as that is what keeps me interested these days. 

Other than my Zoom encounter and this sewing, my only other accomplishment today was to make dinner - a nice quiche:


I thought it looked photography-worthy ... and it tasted great. :) 

I promised my son that I would work on a meal plan/list and our recipe collection this weekend so that will likely be what I work on tomorrow. Whee!

:) Linda


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