Sunshine and Shadow
Yet More Rain

Raining Again


This is a very much more cheerful view of rain falling than I am usually wont to take. :) You can click on the photo and go read the story. Myself, I tend to get bogged down in the gray skies and cold dank nature of spring rain before I see the rainbows that result. :)

Saturday was an interesting day. I got a phone call from an old friend/colleague in Wisconsin (another plant breeder, my friend Joe) around 12:30 p.m. Poor Joe was going stir crazy from not being able to work in his lab. He's working with a group that is trying to breed switchgrass with an eye toward higher ethanol production for cleaner combustion energy. He's also a confirmed supporter of President Trump which tends to yield a bit of heat in our discussions (I am NOT a Trump supporter). Sadly, our lengthy conversation made me completely forget the Zoom meeting that the Columbia Friends group of the Baltimore modern guild were holding Saturday afternoon. Sigh/shrug. 

Sunday was a glorious day, weather wise! Balmy breezes, temps in the mid 70s and hours of beautiful sunshine. :) I went out on our back deck and finally got my lounge chair washed off (and a bit of the deck with it:). Got to sit in the dappled sunlight and enjoy my labor for a while, too. Wonderful!

Today I managed to bring together all the variously sited book blocks I collected from the modern guild makers and count them. I had 29 all told so, of course, I sat right down and made a 30th block:


I can't tell you how cute all these book are! I have not yet considered what size I will trim them all to .. or exactly how I will set them into a quilt. I am thinking maybe some kind of book case or attic window style setting at the moment. :) With 30 blocks, I have an obvious five block by six block assortment which will likely yield a nice big lap sized quilt.

I also managed to cook dinner for us all today. Hugh and I did, really - I do so enjoy cooking with someone else. :) More fun, just like grocery shopping and many other 'chores' in life. We made Taco Casserole and it turned out quite tasty. :)

Tomorrow I hope to make the Yellow butterfly for my wreath and canvas my stash for fabrics to potentially use in sashing the book blocks.

:) Linda


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