Piling Up



Today I had the pleasure of doing something I have not done for at least ten weeks - I got to walk into my local quilt shop and browse the goods in person! Such a rare pleasure! I feel blessed to even HAVE a nearby shop to visit, truthfully. :)

The backstory? On Saturday (May 23rd), I sat and sewed together three more rows of my ongoing book block quilt top. In the process, I managed to mangle the last sharp blade I owned for my 28mm rotary cutter. Sigh! That put a stop to my sewing and trimming right away. :P

I went online to the website of Springwater Designs which is about a mile and a half (maybe) from my house by road** - I haven't actually measured it exactly. :) If I ordered new blades from their website, I could pick them up in person (curbside) the next time they were open. Which, of course, would be today (Monday, normally, but this past Monday was the Memorial Day holiday here in the US).

Of course, I also ordered some EPP shapes - 2" equilateral triangles and 3" leaf shapes. Just in case I might want to so some handwork. :) Also, as it turned out, my last two block of the month packages for Night Watch (now finished). 

We had uneven weather this holiday weekend - one day warm and sunny, the next warm and rainy, then sunny again. Today it was mid80s and breezy with a pretty blue sky and white fluffy clouds. :) I spent most of it (after wrecking my blade) reading, cooking and piddling about. Also watching my backyard neighbor's children enjoying their new climbing structure and wading pool. :)

In Saturday's mail we got our check from the federal government for economic stimulus ... and I finally got the checks I had ordered for my USAA account. I used some of that money to buy my sister a new iPhone, so had to transfer money (to pay for it) into our local account. Thus, today was a good time to go out and run two errands.

The entire time we have been on shutdown, I've been driving our all-electric car, a Chevrolet Bolt EV, around (I have to turn on my Jeep once a week and move it around a few feet to be sure the poor thing stays ok). My husband, of course, is not using the Bolt for commuting as he usually does. I enjoy driving the Bolt - it handles well and gives me pleasure in not having to think about my carbon footprint or worry about the price of gasoline. :P

Anyway, I went out early this afternoon to deposit my two checks and to visit Springwater Designs - I _thought_ to pick up my order curbside. When I got there, though, the door was unlocked and Dawn told me I could come in and shop in person (masked, of course). Bliss! I bought a fat quarter collection of the newest Kaffe Fassett prints to celebrate (hence the photo above which shows several of them). I also got three fqs from the newest Tim Holtz collection (two of them 'low volume' to replenish my background drawer). 

I was the only customer in the shop while I visited ... and three clerks. So lovely to walk around and see new prints!! The color was a sight for my sore eyes. :) Fun! 

And now I have my new blades. YEAH! I brought my goodies home and swapped out the dull blade for a new one immediately. Tomorrow I will sew again.

:) Linda

**My friend (and neighbor) Patty tells me that, by her odometer, Springwater is 2.3 miles from my house. Now I know! Thanks, Patty. :)


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