Chilly Sunshine

Something Different


Hugh and I should have gone grocery shopping today ... but he had only gotten three hours of sleep last night and was, um, groggy. :) So, we ordered food. I tried to order yesterday (for Mother's Day) but there were no delivery people available. Shrug.

I decided to go with a local eatery so we had lunch/dinner from Ledo's Pizza here on Oakland Mills Road. See that picture above - that's the Hawaiian pizza I had for lunch (love it and don't get it often:), an 8" personal one. Yum! I also had a chef's salad for dinner. Hugh and Skip had Ledo's, too (fetuccini alfredo and lasagna). The only 'down' side was that I had to go get it, curbside, myself. Small problem for such good food. :)

I have managed to sew a few more book blocks:

Book 2


Book 2

Book 2


Book 5

Book 5
Book 5

I am enjoying working on this quilt! Each block is such a pleasure. The longer I sew, the more I think I will just allow the books to float on the numbers/letters 'low volume' backgrounds I am sashing each of them with. I _think_ it will make the colors of each book stand out more.

The weather was sunny but chilly today. I didn't wear a coat when I went out for the food but I think I would have wanted a sweater if I were walking.

:) Linda


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