Raining Again

Yet More Rain


Today was gray and chilly with rain yet again. Hard to believe, on the basis of weather, that it is actually late spring by the calendar! I suppose the grass and trees and flowers are happy with all this water - certainly it is green enough outdoors - but I am getting a bit weary of the gray, myself. :P

I spent much of today reading and puttering. I did manage to sew a bit - I made the Yellow butterfly for my wreath:



I have sewn 2/3ds of the entire design and I'm pretty happy with the way it is working out. I realized when looking through my 'scraps' basket that I keep pretty small pieces of fabric in my regular stash ... probably because I do a fair bit of foundation piecing which can use pretty small 'scraps.' I don't tend to accumulate scraps like some people do - first because I am slow to create big quilts so I don't generate a volume of leftovers; second because I use small bits of fabric routinely; third because the scraps start calling to be made into something before they grow into a very big pile. :)

I got notice that the yardage I ordered from the Wish collection is on its way to me as I type. I am eager to get those fabrics - they are mostly bright pink and turquoise prints which always make me happy. I could use some happy sewing right now. I am enjoying my progress on the butterfly wreath but foundation piecing gets tedious after a while (and I'm rapidly nearing my tolerance limits on it). I like this design and I do want the resulting quilt so I'm gritting my teeth to last the sewing trials and actually get it finished. Looking at the parts I've made so far encourages me to keep going, too.

We had intended to order dinner for delivery tonight but could not agree on what/where to get it ... so binned that and ate as usual. Maybe tomorrow? 

:) Linda


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