[ dawd-l ]

verb (used without object), daw·dled, daw·dling.

to waste time; idle; trifle; loiter: Stop dawdling and help me with these packages!
to move slowly, languidly, or dilatorily; saunter.

verb (used with object), daw·dled, daw·dling.

to waste (time) by or as if by trifling (usually followed by away): He dawdled away the whole morning.
It has been eight days since last I posted here. I usually don't let so much time lapse as I use this blog as my diary, more or less, and life DOES take place in the between-times. :) I have been reading a great deal ... and sewing some ... I managed to finish the applique on my Sprouts shiny project:
Yes, I purposefully made the last little inflorescence all blue (with a bit of purple:).
This reminds me ... I once had a quilting friend tell me that 'you like any fabric at all, Linda, as long as it has a bit of purple in it!' LOL. 
I haven't started quilting the sprouts, yet, as I decided I'd better click-to and make my Stash Bee block for June. The month is nearly over already! This month's Queen asked for a block of our house/home ... which meant I needed to draft it up first ... and then, when I was out for a brief pickup at Springwater Designs today, I found some fat quarters of prints I liked to sew it together.
Stash block fqs
Our house is sort of dusty blue (vinyl siding) so I chose that blue/gray stripe (it's a color shot yarn dye of some kind) ... the two black background prints are for the roof (I liked that the text print has sayings about home on it:) ... the gray lettered print is for driveway/front stoop ... the brown for tree trunks and our deck ... that nice Zen Chic lines print for the windows and patio door ... and the two sky prints because I liked them both and couldn't decide between them. :)
I sat down this afternoon and sewed up about half the block ... but had to quit because my sewing room was too warm and stuffy (despite the rotating fan) for my comfort. I'll finish the block tomorrow (and take a photo) so I can mail it off to its new Mom. :)
My niece Amy's second child, Kennedy, is now 11 years old (I _think_) and has taken up sewing with a passion. Here she is modeling a new dress she just created all by herself from an adult's tshirt:

I am really impressed with her! She has long enjoyed illustrating fashion and playing with design ... but I had no idea she was so hands-on creative. :) Makes my heart happy!
What else have I been doing? Mostly a lot of gentle living ... Hugh and I went grocery shopping this morning (masked and distancing). I had a gutter person come to give us an estimate on cleaning our roofs and gutters ... $85 to clean didn't seem too high to me, but four times a year is silly. Once or, at most, twice a year is more than enough - even with a house surrounded by as many trees as we have here. I think I will seek some more bids. :)
Always, in my back brain, the following things mull around:
I found this one someone's blog this week ... and it describes perfectly how my mind is working lately. Sigh. I wish I felt that I could do more than I have been ... but safety comes first. I can't be out demonstrating - endangering not only myself but my husband and son as well ... don't have the body for marching about any more, either, sadly. I have long been aware of the inequities in our culture ... and have done even more thinking about that lately (I always tell my children that the day I cannot learn something new is the day I die). Muddled, mostly.
I hope to do more sewing this week - once I finish this Stash Bee block, I AM going to start working on a sofa quilt for my daughter. I also want to get back to cleaning out my new sewing area and picking up my house downstairs. Lotsa tidying needed there!
:) Linda


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