Short Day

Glorious Weather


Many beautiful flowers bloom in June ... and, of course, if you include the entirety of Earth in your calculations, that is a wide list. :) The weather has been glorious today here in eastern MD and many flowers are blooming. If you click on the photo above you can go read about what blooms in Cumbria in June. :) Very pretty!!

I thought I'd write my post before bedtime as I usually do ... but when I say 'today' this time, I'm really talking about yesterday clock-time. Sat up late this evening reading a good book (Lake Silence by Anne Bishop). I usually have more control of my reading compulsion. :)

The first thing I did today once I had gotten up and dressed was go outside to check on my little plants. Succulents are supposed to be watered only every week to ten days ... so I decided to designate Mondays as Watering Days (or Checking On Watering Days:). I gave each plant enough water to keep them happy (fingers crossed) and checked that each one seems to be firmly rooted into its pot. Hopefully all is well - plants are slower than animals and more subtle at signaling distress.

After I ate lunch, I sat down in my sewing room and assembled my Butterfly Wreath blocks. That took about an hour but went very well - foundation pieced patterns generally give less trouble with joining units as there is a firm (no pun intended) limit to their dimensions. :) Then I spent almost two hours tearing out the paper foundation. :P

Generally I loathe removing the paper ... it's one reason why I have experimented so much with non-removable foundation materials. Today, though, it went easily ... and felt almost like a celebration. Who knows why? :)  Once the papers were a huge pile of confetti in my trash bin, I took the top outside for a photo op.




There is nothing blooming in my front yard right now so I chose to stage my little top (about 18" square) over the pachysandra ground cover growing under our Japanese maple tree. Dappled sunlight, as you can see. I'm pleased with my flimsy ... now I have to find a backing and batting and set in to quilting it. :)

The rest of the day was spent quietly doing housework (emptying bags of 'stuff' and putting it away) and reading. Pleasant and easy. Tomorrow will be harder work - my son and I are going to clean and update his bathroom (fingers crossed it only takes one day:).

:) Linda


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