This Has Got To Stop!

Losing It


Today was very pretty, weather-wise. Another overly warm but breezy and pleasant early summer day. My son observed early this afternoon that we went straight from late winter to early summer weather this year with a very minimal pass (maybe three days) on spring weather. :P

It turned out to be a tough day for me, emotionally. sigh. There wasn't any obvious reason, I was just lost in the clouds all day ...

I had to go out in the late morning to run two errands. First, I stopped at the post office to find out what happened to a package I had shipped. Turns out I forgot to put my return address on it (major sighs) ... so, when the person who was receiving it did not pick it up on time, the post office sent my box to the Dead Letter office where it was destroyed. Bummer!

My second errand was to the local grocery store (Giant) to pick up a few things we could not find at the big warehouse store we shopped in yesterday. That went ok, thankfully, and I found all but one thing on my list.

However, the news this week and my stress levels have been colliding ... by the time I got home and ate lunch, all I could do was sit in the corner and cry. Major bummer. Sometimes life is just too much, I guess. I was tearful on and off all afternoon ... so I kept a low profile and tried to chill out. Played a little solitaire, tried to sew with no enthusiasm, tried to read with ditto. Finally gave it all up and made supper (quiche) for us quietly by myself.

By evening I was feeling better so I did manage to sit down and sew a little. I made the center half of my last butterfly block for my wreath mini-quilt - Indigo:

Indigo half

I had some excitement fussy cutting the dark indigo batik for the wings ...but the results came out ok, I think. Tomorrow I will piece the side triangles for this block unit. Maybe I'll start on assembling the mini - there are nine blocks in it, so assembly will be pretty easy (except for the part where removing the paper foundation is a pain:).

Tomorrow I have to go pick up two prescriptions at the pharmacy so I'll have another opportunity to go out. Funny how simple errands have become major pleasures in this season of shutdowns.

:) Linda


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