Short Day
Rare Pleasure


Here is art by a woman (of color) who works with an unusual medium - duct tape. Her name is Anna Dominguez and she lives/works in Chicago. See her photo at work here. You can watch a video of her at work here. I find her art fascinating ... and ... honestly ... if she can do it with tape, we should be able to do something similar with fabric! I like her color/texture sense. :) Click on the photo to see more of her work.

The past few days have been very summer-y here in eastern MD - hot and humid during the day with roaming thunderstorms and rain that is heavy at times. My little succulents are still on the back deck and seem to be doing fine. I did take the time to empty the accumulated rainwater out of their drainage dishes ... they don't like to have wet feet. :) I am thinking to bring the small ones into my house tomorrow (if I remember) but the mother-in-laws-tongue I will leave outdoors for the summer. I do that most summers as it seems to enjoy growing on the north side of our house - indirect sunlight, heat and humidity. Occasional water falling. :)

As I was sitting to eat my lunch yesterday in my  comfy armchair in the corner of my living room, I turned my head to the left to glance out the front patio door and got a surprise. That part of our front yard is heavily bushy with four or five Euonymus growing together to create a sort of hollow green space right in front of the door. Usually when I look into that hollow I see little birds or maybe a squirrel scooting through the green. Yesterday what I saw was the smallest white tail deer I have ever seen - a doe maybe 18" tall at the shoulder - with her fawn, a tiny white spotted baby barely a foot tall. I got a (woefully inadequate) picture of the two of them - taken through the window and bushes:


To the left is the doe's head and the little deer is just behind her in the middle bottom of the picture. I was surprised to say the least. The doe laid down and started chewing her cud while the baby poked around the open space, looking out at the people moving around and dogs barking. At some point they left but I did not catch that. I am thinking the doe is likely to be a new and very young adult with her first fawn. Generally the deer in this area are much bigger than she was. I was tempted to put out some corn or such for her to eat ... but they eat all my flowers as it is. I decided that I really did not want to encourage her. :)

I spent much of yesterday and today working in my sewing room, sorting through 'stuff' such as the monthly boxes I have accumulated from the Fat Quarter shop's Sewing Boxes (subscription service I decided to take as a treat for myself). I was surprised and pleased by how many assorted notions and projects I have accumulated. No end of more-or-less brainless sewing to dip into when I don't feel like making decisions. :)

I also opened the various holiday gifts I was given by members of my Sew&Tell group in December. I just have not had the will to look at them until now. I have to write thank you notes tonight - it was Christmas in the summer today. :)

I finished doing the machine quilting on my butterfly wreath project. Now I have to find my collection of 12 weight Aurifil threads (I _think_ I have a spool of each color they make) to do the hand quilting I want to use to accentuate the central flower and the butterfly wings. No telling how long it will take me to find those goodies ... but I found a nice zipper pouch to keep them all in when I do find them (one of the notions in my monthly boxes:).

Life is going along quietly here. We are still pretty much in lockdown since my husband and I are in the most vulnerable age bracket for the virus ... and we have type A blood which is as much as five times more susceptible to the corona. :P 

I signed up to take a Zoom class with a famous beader, Eleanor Pigman, tomorrow afternoon.


Also the Baltimore modern group has their regular zoom meeting from 1 to 3. Never any end of things to do if you look around.

:) Linda





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