Rare Pleasure


Orange peace flowers

Here are some lovely orange flowers I found in the front planting boxes outside Peace a Pizza in Catonsville where I stopped for lunch on Friday afternoon (after my manicure and waxing). Such a surreal experience! It had been three months since I was inside a restaurant ... eerie and somehow very odd. :) I have no idea what these flowers are ... would love to know (leave me a comment, if you do, please?!). Clearly they love hot sunshine as there was plenty on Friday. 

Yesterday and today have been more overcast though the temperatures are mild (mid 70s to mid80s) .. and roaming thunderstorms that are, at times, very heavy. Today was the scheduled meeting of my Sew&Tell group ... which we held via Zoom again. Sooooo good to see and hear everyone! :) Came a huge thunderstorm with rain flowing down my sewing room windows right in the middle of our meeting. Pouring down! I'm sure the grass and trees are happy. :P

I"m still plugging away with my sprouts squirrel piece so thought I'd share some more random online finds today. 

First, if you have a desire to learn how to draft complex geometric patterns, I found a site with classes where they teach Islamic tiling:


I have always adored this kind of patterning ... click on the photo above to go look around the site. Lotsa gorgeous eye candy. :)

Next, I spent a couple of years making fabric postcards and mailing them all over the world ... several years ago now ... but there is still an active community of online swappers. If you are interested, here is a good tutorial that I found, written by a science-geek colleague. :)


I'm off now to find some lunch and read my Nora Roberts book for a while ... possibly followed by some more sewing.

:) Linda


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