Glorious Weather

Short Day


Here's a scary infographic for you ... how much sleep is too little or too much? Sigh. I, for sure, am getting too much. :P

I have no idea what the weather outside was like today as I did not go out. I think I need to insist to myself that I get some outside air every day - even if it is only a few minutes. I need to feel the sun and smell the air. (grumpy with myself)

My daughter pointed out that my photo of kneeling policemen the other day may well have been staged. :( I will go edit that post and leave some trails. I'm a fairly straightforward person .. it is difficult for me to understand or even anticipate behavior that is so crooked, so tricksy as to pretend to be one thing and actually do another, worse, thing. No matter how old I get, I suspect that I am entirely too innocent in today's world. :(

I managed to do a little housework today ... and some sewing. I basted together and starting quilting on my butterfly wreath project:


I also failed to prevent a mishap. I _try_ to be sure to turn the iron in my sewing room OFF when I'm not using it. Apparently I forgot today ... and my new fan probably is at fault for blowing the iron over to sit full face on top of my lovely folding ironing board ... and making a nasty burn mark on the surface. :(


I don't think there is any way to remove the mark ... except to recover the board eventually. Sigh. Maybe it will remind me to be more careful? Certainly made a perfect image of the sole plate. :P

I preordered a book by Laurie King that came into print today ... and is on my reading screen. Titled Riviera Gold, it deals with the life of Mary Russell and her husband Sherlock Holmes. Yes, _that_ Holmes. I've read the entire series to date and enjoyed every one. Highly recommended, especially if you like period stories (this one is set in the between-world-wars era).

Other than read, sew and sleep, the day has been extremely quiet. How much can you do when you are only awake and vertical for about 8 hours? Grr.



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