Losing It



See these people?** THESE are the cops I want to have working in my neighborhood - ones who have the protect and serve idea right to heart. :) I _think_ these are Atlanta workers (might be wrong about that).

I've been pretty much avoiding the news for the past couple of days ... as much as it can be avoided. I am still in too unsteady an emotional state to take much upset (sadly). My happiness quotient was upped today by the weekly Zoom meeting of my Columbia Friends from the Baltimore modern quilt guild. :) So good to see what people are working on ... and to listen to how much I do NOT know about contemporary trivia based on movies. LOL.

While the group met, I sat and sewed - finished, really - a simple project. Maybe a year ago now I finished a punchneedle embroidery and sewed borders on it. I FINALLY assembled it with a backing and hanging mounts:


Remember this? Too bad you can't touch it through  your modem. :) The texture produced with punch needle work is wonderful - like a very fine rug. I used a muslin interlining to help give support to the border prints since the embroidery itself is a bit heavy ... so I chose not to put any additional batting in my tiny quilt.


I don't know if you can see the mounting triangles a the top of the back here - maybe you'll have to click-enlarge the photo? I need to find a short piece of lath to hang this with - I'm thinking to put it on the door to my new sewing room.

Yesterday I finished sewing together the last butterfly block (6" finished size) for my wreath. This one is Indigo (mostly):

Over the coming week I hope to sew together the nine blocks I've made to create the top for my butterfly wreath. Then I can quilt it - probably by machine and maybe with some big stitch hand quilting, too. Here's a pic of the nine blocks as they are now:


I am pleased with this - though it is a bit busier than my usual. :) I managed to get the central flower shape to stand out like I wanted ... and the butterfly colors to arrange correctly. Now to get it quilted. :) I don't think I will put any additional border(s) on it ... and I'm debating whether to bind it in the usual way (with some color(s)) or make facings to finish the edges.

I hope it is a little cooler tomorrow. I bought some small succulents for myself when I was out yesterday buying potting soil for my mother-in-laws-tongue plant (which badly needs repotting). I am eager to get those pots finished - I started working on them today but the heat/humidity chased me back indoors. :P

:) Linda


** Info from my daughter:

"Most of the pics of cops kneeling with protesters are staged for PR and in several documented cases not much after that they attacked the protesters they were previously kneeling with.

If you can stomach it, there's an example about half way down this page.
(I didn't watch most of the videos on that page, because I definitely couldn't handle it.)"


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