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Do you know the English language idiom 'to have a green thumb?' Click on the icon above and read about it. :) I come from a family of Green Thumbs - my Mom was a dedicated gardener, mostly of flowers, and my Dad, as a farmer, had practically been born with green fingers on both hands. :) Myself, I am generally a Black Thumb ... mostly because I am too forgetful. Anything I grow has to be able to survive on benign neglect. :) The only houseplant we have had for years here Chez Schiffer is a mother-in-laws-tongue originally given to me by my paternal grandmother years ago right after we got married. I don't know where she got her plant from but she had it all my life ... likely her grandmother or an aunt or cousin. :)

I finally got motivated to buy a decent pot and some good soil to repot my MILTongue plant and finished doing that today. While I was shopping, I picked up some small succulents as I am told they are easy to keep alive. Fingers crossed! Here is how it all looked after I finished:

Medium lace

This pot is about a quart in size. The little plants are happy together, I hope. :)

Medium lace

This is the MILTongue ... that pot is maybe two gallons in size. The plant has plenty of space to spread out and grow.


Those three blue pots are each about a pint in volume. Eventually the little baby plants will need a new home ... but not for a while.

Right now all three plantings are resting in a protected corner on our back deck. I am hoping they adjust to their new homes pretty well. In a week, if all goes well, I will take the medium and small plants into the house (I am debating exactly where to put them right now). At the rate we have been getting rain this week, they ought to all be happy on the porch for now.

Potting these things took way more energy than I expected. I mustered my soil bags, pots and plants on a small table on the back deck and worked on the project yesterday and today. Made a huge mess (one reason I try to do repotting when the weather is warm enough to work outdoors) ... and had to sit down to rest twice. Still, it got done and makes me happy. :)

Other than that project, I've accomplished very little today. I read some ... and talked to Skip a while ... and played a bit of Stardew Valley ... ate ... took an afternoon nap (a short one for me of only 1 1/2 hours). Easy, pleasant day.

The weather outside this afternoon was glorious! Warm but not hot, breezy but not windy, pretty blue skies. It was a joy to be working on the deck.

:) Linda



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