Some Sewing, Some Stash Enhancement

Busy Weekend


That's exactly how I feel when someone asks what I've been doing ... me and Snoopy. LOL! Actually, this _has_ been a more-than-usual busy weekend, considering we're still on shutdown here in eastern MD.

Saturday I got up early enough to attend the Columbia Friends bee group of the modern quilt guild Zoom meeting from about 1 to 3 p.m. We always have good attendance - great to see what folks are making and chatting about. I spent my time cutting up the scraps in my basket. I bought a new 45mm Olfa rotary cutter last week (this kind) and had to take it for a spin. :) I cut scraps into 2.5", 1.5" strips and squares ... except for a few bits of vintage fabric I'm keeping whole (for borders or backings) and some long selvedges. I had enough scraps to last most of the way through the meeting. :) 

After I left the meeting, I drove over to Springwater Designs to pick up an order (Simply Moderne magazine's summer issue) and some Pigma pens (mine are dried up; which I did not discover, of course, until I wanted to write a label). One of Dawn's workers is making masks to sale, too ($8 each, nice assortment, money goes to MS research) so I bought three new ones. 

I didn't think to take photos of the magazine cover - I love it! The cover quilt has toucans on it. I have wanted to make some kind of small story quilt featuring toucans for my daughter for years (funny family story). This might just be the time! :)

I also got my son to help me hang my finally-finished Butterfly Wreath mini. This is a pretty wretched photo - I decided to hang it in the hallway near our front door and I can't get far enough away from it to take a straight-on shot.

Butterfly on wall

I am so pleased to have finally finished this! I realized after I got it put up that I had turned it 90 degrees clockwise from the way I had oriented it all through the making ... but I like it this way, so I won't move the thing now. :)

Today, Sunday, was the regularly scheduled meeting date for the Baltimore Modern quilt guild ... which, as has become usual, we held on Zoom. So. Much. Fun! As always, great show and tell (and members shared table runner they had made and summer food recipes - several of which I want to try on my crew:). While I watched/listened, I worked on using the small scraps from yesterday's cutting exercise to lay out some assemblies for fabric postcards (a la this tutorial). I'll get back to finishing those tomorrow, likely.

Around 6 p.m. Hugh and I went out to buy groceries (waited until it should be less busy and not quite so hot outside, though that backfired). That is a chore I dread and enjoy at the same time. The backfire was that it rained heavily while we were in the shop (we went to BJs Wholesale Food Warehouse today) ... big box store, we heard nothing inside ... the rain had stopped and it felt like an utter SWAMP when we came out to truck the purchases to our car. Gasp! I can barely breathe the air when it is that water-filled. :P

Taking groceries home and putting them away takes at least as much time as the shopping does (if not more), so I had to sit in the coolth of the a/c for a while afterwards to recover. Luckily, I'm reading a good book (well, I"m enjoying it:) so the time passed happily/quietly.

Busy time for my weekend but it ended happily. Oh, just remembered I forgot to call my daughter back today - she called last night after my husband went to bed (my computer - with FaceTime - is in our bedroom) so we couldn't talk then. Tomorrow?!

:) Linda


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