Errands and Chores


This would be a lovely place to be today ... but, instead, I spent the day running errands and doing chores of various sorts. :) I heard a statistic on the radio as I ran my errands that startled me - it is definitely not my imagination that the summer has been hot! According to NPR, we here in Maryland have set new weather records this month: 26 of the 29 days so far this July have had high temperatures over 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Never before ... global warming at work. :P

I had several errands to run today - went to the post office to mail off our annual house insurance payment ... and to Staples to buy foam-core board to make a couple of portable design surfaces (while there, I realized there were back-to-school supplies available so I had to buy a couple:) ... and to the pharmacy to pick  up a new prescription (there was a very long line so I read some while waiting in my car for my turn at the drive-up window). I managed to do a fair bit of walking around Staples to find what I wanted and that was reflected in my meeting my exercise goal for today (as recorded on my Apple watch:).

Once I got back home and cooled off from the heat, my son and I made supper (chili) and I worked with him to gather and put out the recycling (Wednesday early is our pick up date). Thankfully, once those chores were done, I could spend a little time in my sewing room - I tidied up a bit and put away things taken out while I was working over the past week. Still searching for things to move into the room - likely to be a semi-permanent chore, that. :)

I got a phone call from my daughter late in the evening. I love FaceTime! Getting to see her and my grandsons is precious. Here is little T, focusing on his ipad app:


O stopped by to say hello but moved too fast for me to photograph. :) My poor daughter is stressing over their going back to daycare next week - well, O is returning; for T it is an entirely new experience. I trust that it will go well for both of them. (wishing success and happiness for them)

Tomorrow I hope to sew most of the day. Fingers crossed!

:) Linda


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