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Isn't this sky beautiful? My niece Amy sent this photo to me tonight - the sunset in Olathe, Kansas today. :) My mother always loved a beautiful sunset or sunrise - and she saw many of each in her life. She never failed to take a photo when there was an especially lovely one.

Today was unceasingly hot and humid - the weather report at 4 p.m. said the current real temperature was 95 degrees but felt like 106 due to the humidity. Whew! I stayed indoors all  day  enjoying the air conditioning. NO, I forgot, I did go outside for about five minutes.

I managed to sew on the last border to my current small charity quilt (destined to be given to the Jack's Bags/Comfort Cases organization, I think). Took me quite a while to press it decently (with the generous use of spray sizing - Mary Ellen's Best Press is my favorite). Then I took it outside onto our back deck to take a photo:


It measures about 34" square ... and now needs a backing and binding fabric ... preparatory to quilting it. :) Another day. I'm pleasantly surprised how well it turned out, color-wise. I chose a very busy, colorful print for the setting triangles of my somewhat plain four patches.

I _thought_ the blue flowered print (a piece of vintage sheeting) would be a good counterfoil and am very happy to be right about that (well, _I_ like the effect anyway:). I expect the pink in my prints means it will be perceived to be 'too girly' to be gender-neutral ... can't help that. I enjoy pink and blue together. :)

Other than finishing my top, I did almost entirely nothing else useful today. Hmm. Read, ate, tidied the kitchen a bit. On to do better (hopefully) tomorrow!

:) Linda


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