Random Drift



Today was lovely for the most part. I woke a bit after 1 p.m. (that counts on the 'down' side of the day:) and went straight into my sewing room to visit (via Zoom) with my modern guild friends while I sewed for maybe two hours. I managed to sew the four rows of my four patch blocks together (with sashing between) and put three of the four borders around the outside.

There was about a half hour of aggravation while I ripped out mistakes and fixed things ... on the whole it was a satisfying project to make. I think it is funny that I only got three borders around - when I hit a wall (while sewing or doing anything else) I've learned to stop on the spot and move to another activity. If I persist, I just make oodles of mistakes. :)

The temperatures were a bit milder today (high 80s, I think) ... Hugh and I went out grocery shopping around 6:30 or 7 p.m. (he had a game online all afternoon) and the weather was fairly pleasant and summery. The store was almost empty as it was so late in the day (the shop is open until ten p.m. but I doubt they get much business then:). Doesn't matter how many people are there (or not), the chore always takes the same hour or so. shrug.

Once we got the groceries taken into the house and put away, I went back to reading in my comfy living room chair while Skip played a video game (I _think_ it was one of the Badlands series). I enjoy looking up to watch him explore and kill monsters when I break from reading. :)

While Hugh was moving our groceries from the (full) cart to the car, I looked up to see two very large Vs of geese fly across the sky, going in the direction toward one of our local lakes (I'd guess). Here in the midAtlantic coastal area, some of the Canadian geese stay year-round and some migrate. I couldn't help wondering as I watched these fly past whether they were just moving somewhere for the night or were exercising their wings and the new just-grown teenager geese for the long trip farther south. :) I have a bit of the nomad in me - it's easy to think about moving along when I see the geese flying overhead.

I don't know why I can't settle down to working on my daughter's quilt(s) ... I haven't gotten the activation energy amassed to overcome inertia, yet. I think I"m making it all too important a project - not like I"ll never make her/them another quilt. :)

Do you ever think about why you like the designs you do? Or watch _what_ you like from time to time ... and track repeating patterns? I do ... sometime soon I think I might write a post about my favorite ideas. Gives me something positive to ponder anyway.

:) Linda


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