Some Sewing, Some Stash Enhancement

Random Drift


Besides being a beautiful big old tree, this is the so-called Chandelier Tree. If you go to you can go read the story - I found it amazingly up-lifting. :) (Sorry, you'll have to type in the url yourself - for some reason Typepad won't let me link directly to this article.)

Things have been very up and down the last few days. I heard someone posting on InstaGram call the way I've been feeling 'riding the Coronacoaster.' :) Some times I feel energetic and get many things done ... others I just sit and read and laze about with no ambition to accomplish anything at all. Sigh.

Monday I ran errands (pharmacy, post office, ups) for a couple of hours - masked and distancing ... and alone as Hugh did not feel like going out in the heat. Can't blame him on that as it has been beastly - very hot (mid to high 90s) and humid (85 to 95%). Typical July weather. :) Monday evening beginning at 7 p.m. my Faithful Circle evening group had a Zoom meeting, which for a change I remembered to attend. :)

Tuesday I went out grocery shopping (had meant to do it on Monday when I was out but completely forgot - that's what happens when I leave it to last:). Again, I went alone ... to Wegman's in Columbia. I quite like the store but have trouble finding things ... never did find the egg noodles. Sigh. Did get everything else on my list. Yeah! :) 

Today I managed to cook supper (quiche with some tofu-bacon) and sewed a while during the Baltimore modern guild's Sip&Sew Zoom meeting. That was fun, as usual. :)

I did some embroidery on two of my fabric postcards - nothing fancy:



After I get the words embroidered on each one I will decide whether to add anything else. I like whipped backstitch for my lettering as it creates a sturdy raised line. 

I've also been making blocks for charity quilts using my scraps. I worked out a nice arrangement on graph paper with the 14 four patch blocks I pieced ... but when I started to sew it up this evening (during my Zoom), I decided that it was going to be way, way too busy for even my eyes. :) So, now I am putting setting triangles around each four patch; I think I will probably put sashing between the blocks to calm it down even further. :) It's unusual for me to have the blocks be the resting place for eyes. :)


It will be a bright lively quilt this way instead of an eyesore. (fingers crossed)

Tomorrow I have a teledoc appointment in the early afternoon and I hope to sew for at least part of the day.

:) Linda


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