Busy Weekend
Random Drift

Some Sewing, Some Stash Enhancement


“I wanted to write children’s books and be successful at it, but this is something else altogether,” Joanna Cole said when sales of her bizarre but educational “Magic School Bus” series hit 10 million copies. The books, as one publishing executive said, “made science both easy to understand and fun.”

Joanna Cole died last week, aged 75. My kids and I enjoyed her creation for years during their childhoods. One of my favorite 'children's' programs. She will certainly be missed. You can click on the photo above to go read about her works.

I have spent most of this week indoors. The weather has been typical for July in eastern Maryland - hot and humid. The first settlers here (who came from England) must have suffered mightily from the ecological shock! I don't mind the heat much but the humidity smothers me and makes breathing difficult. :P I prefer to stay in the a/c and sew or read. :) Today I managed to cook dinner, even (macaroni and cheese with ham) ... though even the indoor humidity had me sweating heavily after my time in the kitchen cooking. Had to sit quietly while dinner cooked to cool down. :P

I've been fighting off a mild conflict with some kind of respiratory/flu virus this week - runny nose, sneezes, stomach upsets, diarrhea. Not bad, just never-ending. Finally, today I feel better. I probably will go get tested for Covid but I'm pretty sure this was something that my regular flu vaccines covered as it was mild and brief. More :P

I did manage to do a little bit of sewing ... earlier in the week I made fabric postcards a la Judy at Artistic Artifact's recent tutorial. Yesterday I finished doing 'fancy stitch' machine embroidery on the seams of all nine ... and now I've decided on hand embroidery embellishments, too. Tomorrow I can do that while I visit with my Sew&Tell friends for this month via Zoom. :)

Postcards 1
Postcards 1

All postcards
Today was my usual Saturday Zoom with the Columbia Friends bee of the Baltimore Modern guild ... while we chatted, I dug out my previously cut scraps in the 2" width and made some blocks:

Scrap blocks

I think I made six all together ... I use my scrap blocks to make charity quilts; next time I'll sew together the 2.5" strips into blocks. Then I can play with them all to make something nice to donate. :)

The Stash enhancement comes from online purchases, mostly ... the slow movement through the mails makes me completely forget things by the time they arrive. :) Yesterday I got some cotton canvas fabric I ordered from the newest Marsha Derse collection:

Derse rainbow fabric

I really like this fabric ... and I think I'm going to make an apron with it. I have a very nice bib apron for cooking in that my Aunt Ruby made me several years ago with 1930's reproduction fabric (purple:). I need something tougher to wear when I'm doing messy things with ink, paint and glue and thought this canvas print might work well. We'll see. :)

I also got two patterns I ordered ages ago and am eager to experiment with:


This is my birthstone, for November, Citrine or Topaz (color choices:)

This is Sapphire, the birthstone for September (for my husband and son)


I got a _second_ pink Olfa rotary cutter (from a different source) - clearly had that weighing on my mind. LOL. And I got a book I intend to give as a gift. That's a lot of haul, for me, for now.

In general, things are going pretty well here Chez Schiffer ... lazy days flow away with not much to show for them, really, but plenty of relaxation. Can't fault that!

:) Linda


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