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Thread and needle

I find this photo charming. If you click on it, you can go read about the pioneer days (westward expansion in the USA) and trading posts. Never know where you will land when you do a web search. :)

Yesterday and today have included some pleasant sewing time. I am working on the next border for my aboriginal fabric medallion project - a block unit I think of as 'remember me' - which comes from a long-ago (in publishing terms; possibly early 1990's?) quilting book. The block is a half square triangle with one of the half squares broken in half again (into quarter squares). Clear as mud, right? :) Here, let me show you:

Remember me

This is one unit. I chose to assemble my border units together this way:


My rm border

I've been sewing these for several days, between doing other things. :) I've made two of the four borders so far with the next two in progress. Will share when they get 'real' and sewn onto the body of my top.

I also realized that I have a couple of deadlines looming. One is for the August block of my Stash Bee hive 4 Queen, which I finished today:

Whole berry

Those squares finish 1.5" each - a scale that I rarely sew. My precision is not what it once was ... I had to rip and re-sew the top row four times (once was upside down) before I was happy with it. Grrr. Luckily the recipient is happy with honey bees (did not even think to ask her before I made the block:). Have to mail this off tomorrow.

Another deadline is to decide and draft the block I want to have sewn for me - I am the designated Queen for September. Way back in January when we started, I had no clue how different the world would be when my turn came around!! Today I decided what I want to request .. now to write it up. :)

There are two project blocks I"d like to make for the Baltimore modern group ... and I got my Faithful Circle (FCQ) round robin block to work on today ... life is never dull. :)

Yesterday I made another quiche (it's a once-a-week standard meal here Chez Schiffer) that my husband thought was photo-worthy:

Whole quiche


This one happened to be ham with cheddar cheese quiche. Yum! :)

I cooked today, too (taco casserole) but took no pictures - was too busy eating. Chuckle.

Back to the thread mines tomorrow, I'm sure.

Oh, I'm watching a really interesting series on Curiosity Stream called The Story of Wales. My mother's father's family (the Moles) ultimately immigrated from Wales (coal miners) so there is a bit of a personal interest there for me. :)

:) Linda


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