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This is a Joseph's Coat rose. It is currently my very most favorite flower. :)  JC is a climber and grows up to 8' tall. Has a nice perfume, too. Living, as I do, in a very humid sometimes very hot climate, I don't grow roses (too many kinds of fungus, mold and insects love them and I don't like to use poisons). If I did grow roses, I'd grow this one. :)

If you click on the photo you can visit the original site of this lovely picture - the blog of a broken china jewelry maker called Vintage Belle. I know nothing about him/her aside from the roses (and other lovely photos on the site:).

Today was pretty busy. I woke up this morning at 7 a.m. (crack of dawn for me!) and got up. I thought I might try to do some work but by 8:30 a.m. I was falling asleep in my computer chair. Sigh. So I caved and went back to bed. Today was my husband's first day back to work (in person, not virtual) and he woke me up when he came home at noon. Since he got to work at 5:30 a.m., that was a pretty good effort for his day. :)

I had several goals for my day today and I actually managed to achieve some of them. Hugh and I set out driving my Jeep (been parked in the carport for weeks; almost did not start) to give it some exercise. First stop was around the corner at my dear friend Patty's house to take her a very late birthday gift.

Patty loves butterflies ... so when I found a lovely quilled card with a monarch on it, I had to buy it for her. Then I found a great folding photo-pamphlet about MidAtlantic butterflies to go with. Here's what I decided to make of them.


This finished wall hanging is about 12" square. The card

fits under four folded square corners of fabric and can be removed.




This is the back of the wall hanging. Patty loves purple,

hence the color scheme. :) I decided to put a pocket on back

to hold the pamplet so she'd know where to find it when

she wants to ID a flitterby.


This is the wall hanging front without the card inserted.


Here is a close up of the card itself. Can you see the quilled coils of paper? :)

Luckily Patty was home and seemed happy with her gift (her birthday was the middle of July so it was a _really_ late gift). I am slow sometimes but I try to arrive at my goal. :)

Hugh and I did a drive through for a bite of lunch (impossible burgers at The King) and then went grocery shopping at BJ's. I was annoyed that none of the electric carts were working so I had to stump my way around the place, with its hard concrete floors. Energy draining but probably good for me, on the whole. :P

Once we got home, put away the goodies and I cooled off/rested, I did my daily crossword puzzle and then made some supper (spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce). I got to reading my book (currently Calculated in Death by JD Robb) and almost forgot to attend the Wednesday night Sip&Sew zoom with my modern buddies. I got there a half hour late but enjoyed the quilt making anyway. 

I am back to sewing the last two rows of 'remember me' border for my aboriginal medallion project. I got my monthly quilt box today from the Fat Quarter Shop and, among other beauties inside, there was a 6" rotating cutting mat! Very timely and handy as my work tonight was mostly trimming units down to size.

Tomorrow I'll go back to working on my to-do list ... and more sewing along with the de-crapifying.

:) Linda


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