Bigstock-House-Finch-Carpodacus-mexica-84781025The birds have begun to eat a lot at my feeder again (this is an internet photo; my feeder is squirrel proof:). Feeding fell off for quite a while in the late spring/early summer period. I guess there were many other things to do around the neighborhood (like raise baby birds?:). I enjoy seeing my daily quotient of feathered folk. The ones above are typical for my feeder in a heavily shaded front yard near the street - house finches. 

My friend and neighbor Patty came over on Saturday? Sunday? afternoon and we swapped quilt holding jobs with one another for picture taking. :) She had six or seven (I didn't think to count exactly) tops and quilts she's made during our Covidcation ... I only had the one. :) Here is the current state of my aboriginal fabric medallion project, held up by Patty on my back deck:
AboriginalI am really pleased with my top so far. I particularly love the purple and yellow outer border here (love purple:). I have not decided, yet, whether to make another border all around or to start doing only top and bottom borders to rectangularize the quilt. :)

While I was out on the deck, I took a careful look at my mother-in-laws tongue plant which is summering in the corner near the patio door. My son found a tiny mushroom growing in the pot beside a leaf blade - tells you how damp and hot our summer has been:

MushroomMy apologies for the photo's blurry focus - apparently my phone's camera could not sharpen at this close range. :)

I managed to make dinner twice this weekend - made quiche with sausage on Friday evening and calzones (a new recipe for us) tonight. Both were tasty. :)

The weather has been wet the past few days but cooler (in the 80s) and more pleasant, less humid despite the rain.

:) Linda


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