First Border

02130c4b8e3a153686182161f977a568Isn't this beautiful? :) It is meant to be a papyrus flower in the ancient Egyptian style. I love the colors, the fan-like shape, everything about it. Random pintrest find ... just thought I'd share. :)

Today was yet another hot, humid, sultry summer day. I spent it entirely indoors (except for stepping out on my front porch to refill the bird feeder), in the a/c, with pleasure. :)

I had the fun of about an hour in the early afternoon at the now-regular Saturday Zoom sew-in with my Columbia Modern Friends. While we chatted, I made two more Hourglass units from my Aboriginal fabrics and turned the various quarter squares into a border for my first block. I was right, that squirrel grabbed my hand and ran me down the woodsy path. :)

First border

In order to make this border work, I had to do some arithmetic to figure out how wide a spacer border I needed to add to the central 'flower' patchwork block for the hourglass units to fit easily. I was completely gratified that my numbers actually worked. :) I can do complex math with flair when my brain is functional ... and when I am oxygen deprived by my sleep apnea, two and two very sensibly make five. LOL.

It looks like I will be making some kind of medallion quilt with my Aboriginal prints. I've loved that kind of design since I first saw one, way back in the late 1970s. We'll see how good my resolve remains as time passes. Some squirrels I follow until they are fully furred and others fall by the wayside with only a few bones intact. shrug.

Tomorrow my son and I need to go grocery shopping ... and I hope to sew some more.

:) Linda


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