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Today was a beautiful summer day! Low 80s in temperature, blue sky, pleasant breeze - perfect. :) I went outside in the late afternoon (to take our recycling out to the curb for tomorrow's pickup). Otherwise, I spent the day sewing and reading.

Yesterday evening (um, Monday evening) was the Zoom meeting for Faithful Circle's night group. I always enjoy these ... but during the course of the evening, I was reminded that our guild round robin - for which I signed up - is supposed to begin this week. And my starter block with focus fabric(s) have to be in the coordinator's hands by Thursday. EEK! :)

So, I sat down today and finished my Tula Pink EPP block - well, as finished as I decided to make it. Here is a photo:

I sewed the next round of the block which made it the correct size for a finished 12" block (the largest allowed for the round robin). I have a nice pile of fabrics from the Wish collection by Carrie Bloomston which includes the cobalt blue print I used as background above. I have a passion for hot pink mixed with cobalt blue ... so I gathered some of those prints and the remainder of my Tula Pink  charm pack and bundled it all together for the round robin. Can't wait to see what gets made with it. :)

Tomorrow will be busy. Drop off my round robin bundle ... go to the grocery store (Wegman's) ... attend day 3 of the five day art journaling class I am watching ... cook dinner ... and go sew with my modern quilt buddies on Zoom in the evening. Happy times, surprisingly.

Oh, if you are interested in seeing what that Quilty Box I got had in it, you can go here and watch an unboxing video.

:) Linda


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