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Stone Circles


IuI've been sewing with Australian Aboriginal fabric prints (from M&S Textiles) to make my medallion experiments. Ever since the first semester of my undergraduate days I have been fascinated with the various aboriginal cultures of the world. Australia's First People still have cultural ties to the past as do North American native peoples. My own personal ethnic roots ('Celtic' or northern European) are only historical but there are easy-to-see remnants of their works in European standing stones - if you click on the two photos above (stone circles from Scotland, I _think_) you can go read about the basics of remaining standing stone architecture and location. 

How does this relate to my sewing? :) When I sat down on Wednesday afternoon to start working on the next border round for the medallion, I decided to try something larger scale (more like the central patchwork) and simpler in shape. I realized that something like a basketweave or 'piano key' border might work ... but, again, I ran into the issue of dividing 5" evenly. But heck, why be even? Immediately I wanted to do improv cutting ... and, once I had started, I liked the sort of wedge-like shapes I was making. Those led me think about my own ethnic roots and the segue into standing stone shapes was obvious (to me:).

Here's how the whole thing turned out (warning: crummy photo - very filtered light in my sewing room; better pictures will have to wait until I want to photoshoot the finished top:):

Stones border

You might have to embiggen the photo to really get a look at the fact that many of those 'piano key' shapes are wedges. The prints I used were all from a 'yellow' charm square pack I bought from Easy Piecing's website. I'm pretty jazzed about this round. I have not yet decided how wide to keep this border - right now the 'stones' are about 4 34" tall but they are not uniform. For ease of construction, I will likely trim them all to 4.5" wide before I start adding the next bits. :)

Other than my sewing (which I enjoyed), today has been pretty down. I slept late and missed out on my Friday afternoon Zoom get together with my friends Patty and Barbara (well, I got to the front door of Zoom about 20 minutes late, but no one heard me knocking:). I had intended to make chili for supper tonight but I just never got started cooking. sigh.

Maybe tomorrow will be more purposeful. The afternoon starts with a sew-in get together (Zoom, as usual) with my modern guild buddies.

:) Linda



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