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A Long Quilt Making Weekend

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This weekend was one of those all-quilting-all-the-time series of days. I so enjoy them. :) Friday started the weekend off with the regular zoom meeting between myself and my friends Patty and Barbara. While moving things around in my bedroom last week, I found a lovely treasure from 2005 - a beautiful tin filled with a charm pack of fabric squares from Moda, a collection called Gatherings by Brannock and Patek. I would call it a reproduction fabric collection though I don't think it is Civil War era ... maybe inspired by? :) At any rate, there were the usual 42 pieces of 5" fabric squares in a lovely printed tin, buried under a pile of quilting magazines. :) That's what I worked with during our zoom this week.

I decided (squirrel!) to sew the charms together in the pattern design included with the fabrics in the tin. I have to say that I"m glad I"m a pretty experienced quilt maker as I don't think those instructions were up to Moda's current standards! :) I persevered, though, and here is what I made (do NOT expect excellent precision from this project):

GatheringsThe whole thing turned out to be about 22" square. I think I will quilt it and it can be a wall hanging or table topper (originally the design called for it to be finished into a pillow). :) I bought some nice red Aurifil 50 weight quilting thread today to use in quilting this (more about that adventure below).

Saturday was the modern guild's sew in (from 1 to 3 pm or so). I am soooo enjoying getting to know all the folks who come to these sew ins. Fun! I spent my time continuing to sew sashing onto the Backyard Blossom crazy pieced squares I made earlier last week:

Backyard blossom blocksYou might not be able to resolve this image into individual blocks without enlarging it (just click). I am planning a layout that 'floats' the pieced squares above a 'shadow' of navy blue. At the stage shown above, I have constructed the 'shadow' sash for many squares. Since I started with two charm packs of these fabrics, I have pieced 84 different squares. I chose to set them in a 9x10 block array (the last row has only 3 blocks with empty spaces for the other six). By the time I finished cutting and sewing together all the 'shadows' for those 83 blocks, I felt pretty accomplished. :) It is rare for me to make a block-block-block quilt. I can't think of the last one I made this rather traditional way.

Sunday afternoon was the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Baltimore Modern quilt guild, from 1:30 to about 3:30 pm. It was our official 10th anniversary meeting! By zoom, of course, and quite fun - with games, trivia, a sewing room share (by members) and great show and tell (as usual!). :) After both the Saturday and Sunday zooms, I spent several hours sewing the 'between sashing strips on my Blossom blocks. Unfortunately, that used up all the gray background print that I bought for the purpose. :)

Today (Monday) was the scheduled September meeting (again, via Zoom, at 10 am) of Mimi Dietrich's applique grad class. I am really pleased - for the FIRST time since March, I managed to be awake in time to attend. :) It was WONDERFUL to see the folks who came. The members of Grad Class are folks who were almost all good customers in my store and I've known many of them going on twenty years now. Its a rollicking group of women who make growing old look exciting! :)

Today, after my zoom get together,  Hugh and I decided that we had to go grocery shopping ... and I stopped in at Springwater Designs quilt shop quickly on the way to buy more of that gray background fabric. I calculated that I needed 58" of the print to finish my Blossoms quilt. There was EXACTLY that much fabric left in the shop. I will be extremely careful with cutting this stuff!! 

Grocery shopping went pretty well - the weather was glorious today with low temps 70s, fluffy clouds and blue skies. After we hauled it all home and I rested from the effort, I went back to working on sewing sashing. I now have constructed 10 columns with sashings and will start on the horizontal sashing-with-cornerstones making next time I sew (tomorrow?). 

Also this weekend, I got the aboriginal prints I ordered to finish my medallion project (no photos) and some lovely bright yarn dyes I ordered for no other reason than that they were too beautiful to leave in the shop:


I am not sure what I will sew with these ... I was thinking about making a quilt design called Plaidish with them (from Kitchen Table Quilting) until I signed up today for a class next month being offered through my Faithful Circle guild. It's called "CHOP IT LIKE IT'S HOT!" with NINA CLOTFELTER. We'll see, I might change my mind. :)

Also in my mailbox this weekend came the first two sets of my Stash Bee blocks for this month:

Dm2I am so pleased! These will make a nice border for my leaves/thistle quilt. Can't wait to gather them all in and begin on that!

I also managed to cook twice this weekend - Macaroni and Cheese with Ham on Friday and Calzones on Sunday. Both quite tasty. I am actually pretty surprised how much I am enjoying cooking now - at least in part because my son works in the kitchen with me (everything is more fun with company:).

I still have to find someone to clean our house gutters ... and a way to get my new computer desk chair built. Chores for tomorrow. 

:) Linda


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