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VP-GRAPHIC-EQUINOX-COMP-v2-1Today is the Autumnal Equinox - that is, the first day of Autumn/Fall. :) This is also Birthday Week in our house. :) Actually, September is Birthday Month is  my extended family. My Dad's (16th), brother Alan's (28th), nephew Hunter (16th), niece Aria (22nd), husband Skip's (23rd) and son Hugh's (24th) birthdays. Also Bilbo/Frodo Baggins (22nd). :) OH, and my nephew Patrick and his wife Tauna's anniversary (also the 23rd). Lotta celebrating going on this month. :)

This past weekend was another All Quilting All the Time three day sew-fest for me. Friday was my weekly Zoom with Barbara and Patty. Saturday was the Columbia Friends (from Baltimore Modern guild) sew-in. Sunday was the monthly Sew&Tell meeting. I worked on the same project at all three meetings - sashing, assembling and bordering my crazy shadows quilt. I took a quick snapshot of the body of my top yesterday. I'm still putting the borders on it ... but here is what the goodies look like as of now:

ShadowMy sewing room is too small for me to get back any distance to look at this. When I finish putting the outer border on it, I'll take it outside on my deck and (hopefully) enjoy the shadow effect - finger's crossed that it works. :)

The finished item will go to the modern guild as a bingo prize quilt ... I still have to buy a backing but I've already got an appointment in late October to get it long arm quilted. I am eager to see it finished and 'live' (I think the quilting stitches bring a top to life:).

Tomorrow and Thursday are birthdays in our house ... so I may not get much sewing done. I have not been able to talk my husband into going anywhere to celebrate his Day, yet. He won't even consider going to walk in a big park or to the botanical gardens. Sigh. We'll see how my son feels for his Day.

:) Linda


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