A Long Quilt Making Weekend
No Thread Day

Last Minute Constructions

Last-minute-quoteIsn't that the truth? At least it is for me, confirmed procrastinator that I am. :) My sole task today was to sew up a patchwork block for the Faithful Circle guild's round robin project. I let the time slip away from me - playing with other squirrels - and realized that I was up against the deadline for the exchange. 

Since the first round block measured 10.5" square, I was instructed to make a same-size accompanying block for round 2. I dithered for several days over what block to choose ... and today I settled on a pattern called Baton Rouge (don't know why it's named that:). I chose fabrics that echo the first block (made by the eventual owner of this project) and made this (the blue fabric in the center is the owner's chosen focus print):

BatonrougePrecision is NOT my middle name (any more) so I was pleased that the whole thing came out nicely flat and comparatively wrinkle free. :) I packaged my block back into the swap sack, as instructed, and have to drop it off at the coordinator's house tomorrow a.m.

I got more pretty blocks from my Stash Bee hive (#4) in the mail:

Dm1I have to say that I did actually dance with joy when I opened these ... my little pile of received blocks is getting higher. I am eager to finish up my thistle quilt with these destined-to-be-border blocks! :)

In other news, we have suddenly segued into fallish temperatures here - high 60s to low 70s. Still pretty blue skies. Lucious! :)

Tomorrow will be busy. I have to deliver my round robin block, get my hair cut, and do a bunch of errand chores. I forgot to attend the modern Sip&Sew zoom session tonight (got entangled in some computer work and plain forgot). Annoyed with myself - that hyper-focusing ability is a mixed blessing at best. :P

:) Linda


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