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Today was non-sewing day. With errands. First I drove up to Dorsey's Search to drop off my round robin bag and pick up the next round. The neighborhood where I went  has all color-named streets - Scarlet, Blue, Gray, Red. :) It was a cool day today and partially overcast, looked like it might rain (which is typical here; we have more overcast than actual rain). It was pleasant, even so.

After that I had lunch (drive through) and sat in the parking lot at my hair cutter's place (ahem, Salon) reading the newest book (The Clincher by Lisa Preston; interesting view into a world - horse shoeing - I know nothing about). Cara, my stylist (extremely talented woman:) did a nice cut for me as usual. She really, really understands hair (mine is hard to deal with being fine and mostly straight).

As I left the salon, I took a good look at the flowers growing in front of my car. Their parking lot (off street, in the back of the building) backs onto someone's yard. There's a privacy fence so I have so idea what the house looks like. Over the years I have seen some lovely flowers escaping there at the verge - wisteria and snowdrops in the spring. Today I took photos for a change - not sure what much of it is called except for that nice pinky-purple Rose of Sharon. Do you?

I got home around 3 p.m. and promptly fell asleep in my easy chair - I did not sleep very well last night, sadly. I had intended to make quiche for dinner tonight (despite the fact that I talk about it here often, we haven't had any for a couple of weeks:) ... but my good intentions went the way of all things. Sigh.

As I did my occasional brownian walk around the Web this evening, I came across the work of a Japanese artist whose product just boggles my mind:


Those tiny pieces of magic are cut from live leaves!! Such delicate work and so perishable. click on either photo to go read about him and see even more beautiful pictures of leaf lace.

Tomorrow I hope to sew quite a bit. Zooming with Barbara and Patty to look forward to.

:) Linda


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