Slight Veer to the Charming



The past couple of days have been fairly calm and uneventful (in a regular-life-as-it-is way:). Daily rain deluges, high humidity. The temperatures have gone up and down (from high 70s to low 90s) during the day and skies have been mostly blue-with-fluffy-clouds except for when they have looked like the ones above. Today we had a tornado warning around 4:30 p.m. - this means that conditions are prime for tornado formation in our area.

The skies were indeed heavy and dark with distant thunder and lightning for about a half hour ... then the rain came. By the time rain falls heavily, most of the energy in a looming storm is being spent and the risk of a wind storm falls. I was pleased to see the rain ducks jumping on my back deck I can tell you. :) While we were enduring the warning I made supper tonight (quiche again:). We ate listening to the rain bucket down.

I've been sewing - Wednesday night's Sip&Sew zoom session had low attendance - must be vacation and back to school time, eh? :) I sewed together the last two (top and bottom) 'remember me' extra borders and attached them to the medallion flimsy by the end of my visit with modern sewing buddies. :) I am really pleased with the way the whole thing looks!

I went back to Easy Piecing's website and ordered some aboriginal fabric yardage for the outside border and the backing of my medallion. That will have to rest  until the goodies arrive. :) I am thinking I might send this top out to be long-armed rather than quilting it myself. It will make up into about 63"x70" or so ... so I could possibly quilt it myself. I'd rather go on to sew on some thing else, though. :)

We had a tree trimmer in to cut back the trees and bushes around our house today ... and some landscapers are due to come in next week to heavily prune back the bushes in the front yard. I am still looking for a gutter cleaning person, though. The siding needs to be washed, too, but that will require some finesse. Power washing will not work - it will blow the siding right off our house (at least according to my deck construction boss; I trust his opinion). Sigh.

I might take a break from piecing to quilt the two other flimsies I have made recently - the blue/scrappy comfort quilt and my leafy sprouts top. A little break in routine is a good thing from time to time. :P

:) Linda


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