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Sew Day

Ffd101-2Today was mostly sewing for most of the day. :) As is usual on Friday afternoon, Barbara, Patty and I had our two hours of zoom sewing and chatting together. Barbara and I are about to start on a project together to make a quilt for the ovarian cancer auction at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston. Today she was working on making the back for one of her Bonnie Hunter quilts. She worked up a task list and schedule for our cancer quilt and we'll start on that next month. Patty was working on bordering a newly pieced top she made using a lovely blue and yellow floral print.

I managed to piece a second block for the round robin package I'm working on this month. This one came out more correct than the last one, but still not up to my usual/acceptable standards. So .... I simplified and made an easier block with flying geese units (had to look up the 'Eleanor Burns' fg method online to be sure of the cutting dimensions:). Finally, with the third try, I managed to make an ok block. Whew! Tomorrow I need to take my bundle to the coordinator's house to trade. (sigh of relief)

My mailbox had some pretties in it today, too. More Delectable Mountain blocks came from @moonlightsewing:

FourShe sent me four!! I chose to take an abbreviated photo ... this is going to be one beautiful border! :)

During my evening blog reading, I found a new has-to-be-made quilt design ... and can't wait to start (but will as I want to finish some things anyway!). :) It's called the Falling Leaves quilt, designed by Nancy Page (a 1930's era pseudonym for a newspaper columnist). I am definitely thinking wool with embroidery. 

I've started going through my book piles and ruthlessly sorting out things I want to keep from things to give away (and a little bit of trash). I figure I have to winnow my books down by half - and it's going to be a difficult job because I have to really concentrate on being realistic about what I need for reference and what I will actually make/use. I gave away my first five volumes to Patty this afternoon (after our zoom) .. and now will get in touch with my two guild librarians before going general quilting public. :) More to follow ... at whatever spasmodic rate I can manage.

Tomorrow is another quilt day zoom which I truly look forward to!

:) Linda


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