Birthday Week
Sew Day

Stitching Along

IuToday is my husband's 70+th birthday. :) It has been (as per his request) a very low key day. I did spend some time sewing but had very little to show for it (besides frustration).

I managed to piece the last two spacer sashes for my crazy shadows top yesterday. I ran out of the gray background fabric to use for the final cornerstones so I used some of the red border print for the cornerstones on two (opposite) sides of my top. I have not attached them, yet (did not feel like wrestling with the entire top today).

I thought I would be a little more timely and get the block made for round three of the Faithful Circle guild's round robin project. The first two blocks (from rounds one and two:) were pinwheel-based designs. So I combed through an online block source that is sorted by block size (8" square in this case) and found a design called Americana Charmer that I thought might work. Usually I draft my own patterns but I decided to be lazy and follow the instructions given on the web site. 

Mistake! When I finished making the block, it was completely unsuitable - wonky, the wrong size and no corners matching. I very, very carefully followed the given instructions so I felt pretty discouraged at the results. I took the design back to my desktop computer and started drafting it for myself ... and discovered where the website instructions went astray (I think). I worked out what I expect to be the correct measurements for myself and I"ll try again tomorrow. (fingers crossed!)

I got two more lovely Delectable Mountains blocks in the mailbox today:

MoredmsI am soooo happy with the blocks I'm getting! I am really looking forward to digging out my EH leaves project bin and finishing that top, too. :)

I also got a set of four 'low volume' background prints I ordered a while ago from a sale on Quilt In A Day (Eleanor Burns') website. They went straight into my 'background prints' drawer after I took this photo:

NewlvsI really like having lots of choices for background prints ... and to have a scrappy assortment in every top, if possible.

The weather was lovely today (high 70s temperatures, low humidity, pretty blue skies with puffy clouds:). Hope we have more!

:) Linda


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