Scrappy Intermission
Block Making

Autumn Rains


The past two days have been drizzly and wet, chilly autumn rains. Not cold (yet) - mid 60s - and the rain occasionally heavy (mostly at night). Today there was sunshine for a couple of hours but it had clouded up again by nightfall. Typical fall weather here in eastern Maryland. 

I have been sewing and reading and cooking and sleeping way, way too much. More sighs. Sunday I did not wake up until 3:30 in the afternoon. I'm not sure what time I went to sleep - I was in bed by 12:30 a.m. on Saturday night but my insomnia kept me awake for hours. My husband is a light sleeper so I just lay quietly and listen to my audiobook so I don't wake him up (he had to work on Monday morning).

I was particularly annoyed with myself Sunday because of my oversleeping - I missed the Zoom meeting of my Baltimore modern quilt guild. We had a speaker I particularly wanted to hear that meeting - she was talking about her life as a scientist (marine biology) and a quilt maker. Missed out, darn my s.a.d. :P

So, instead I sewed. I've been finding treasures as I clean (it is astonishing how much STUFF I have accumulated in our house over the past twenty years!). I did manage to finish putting together enough of my scrappy 'log cabin' blocks to make a baby quilt sized top:

ScrappyI have many more blocks so I expect to make several of these 'baby' sized tops. I expect to ask my long arm goddess to quilt them as I seem to be in piecing mode right now. I haven't finished setting up my new sewing area, yet, either - no space for spreading out to stitch/quilt as of yet.

I still have items on my 'must do now' list, including another block I owe for this month's Stash Bee. Also I signed up for the White Elephant swap on InstaGram ... we are supposed to make a small quilt that we've had on our 'list' for a while. Here's the design for what I want to make (I finally found it in my graphics folder; I adapted this from the design on a scrub shirt worn by one of my doctor's nurses several years ago):

ScsrubflowerI am torn between using Kaffe Fassett bright prints to make this ... and bright colored wools. Am still pondering so I have this hanging on my design wall, nudging me as I work on other things. :)

I found two treasures Sunday evening as I was looking for something else entirely that are tugging hard to be worked on. First was this folded excerpt from Quilts Down Under magazine, possibly now defunct; we used to carry this periodical from Australia in my shop.

JapaneseApparently I pulled this out of an issue; it was wrapped around a bundle of 100 four inch squares of Japanese fabrics - old fashioned, probably vintage, prints. The kind I cherish. :) Just pulling the squares out and petting them, sorting them out and sewing them into pairs made me happy today. I don't know why I love these so much - some are yarn-dyes/woven, some are printed. I did take photos of a few sets after sewing:

Pair7I decided to make four patches from these squares. I now have 50 'two-sies'/pairs which will yield 25 four patch blocks when I finish sewing them up (hopefully tomorrow). I will have to dig through my as-yet-hidden stash fabrics to find more Japanese prints to mix with them. I think making my own 'Japanese Four Patch' will take a while. :)

Another treasure I found at the same time was a set of Halloween themed blocks, apparently from an international swap in 2009. I think those will get made into one medium or maybe two small quilts for my grandsons. More about them when I get there.

Buried along with those theme blocks were four lovely printed fabric rectangles I clearly ordered sometime ago. I could not wait with them and started in to make a small hanging for our front door. Here are the four 'vintage' images:

Pumpkin2As you can see, I sewed those up quickly. Will share the whole little piece when I finish quilting it. The images themselves are only 3"x5", so it's a small hanging.

Hope the sun is out tomorrow - I'm a sunny day walker. 

:) Linda


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