Autumn Rains
Making Progress

Block Making

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny autumn day with blue skies ... today, not so much. :) Gray, gray and misty today. No rainbows (that I saw anyway:). If you click on this pretty rainbow photo, you can go read quotes about sunshine and rain. :)

I've been sewing blocks for the past two days ... with only three finished ones to show for my efforts (there is other sewing in progress:).

First, I made a block for round four of the Faithful Circle Quilters round robin. The set I got to work on this round was fun and spoke to me instantly .. so it was easy to get my block made quickly. :) The beginning block was a 12" foundation pieced depiction of a woman's foot in lovely high heeled shoes pushing down hard on a sewing machine pedal (speed indicated by a 'Vroom, vroom!' text applique:). The owner had included a nifty hot pink reads-as-solid fabric to be used in each block. I looked at that and the other two blocks made after it and chose to create a traditional pattern named Road to Rome with some applique embellishment: 

RoadtoromeSee the simple sewing machine icon? I went searching through Pintrest until I found a simple cross stitch design and translated it into fusible applique. I think it gets the idea across. :) Sadly, my dyslexia made it come out with the wrong right/left orientation for the image (well, from the you-are-sewing standpoint). Oh, well. :)

I was pleased with the result and bundled the whole set of blocks, etc. back into the bag to return to the coordinator (sometime this weekend).

Today during my zoom sew-in with my friends Barbara and Patty, I decided to make my Stash Bee blocks for this month. Our Bee Queen asked for a particular floral block (Quatrefoil) with bright, flower like colors so these are what I made:


Flower2I have to press and package and mail them off now. :) Tick off those obligations!! :)

Yesterday Hugh and I went grocery shopping (a major chore, all masked and careful). So I skipped making dinner last night ... but he talked me into making Chili tonight and we have extras (weekend lunches:). Yummy!

I am happy about Zoom meetings - I attended a lecture last night, sponsored by the Portland Modern guild, by Joe Cunningham - wonderful, inspiring, warm, encouraging. I enjoy his approach to improv quilting a LOT. Made me want to go into my room and SEW (at midnight - lecture was on Pacific time scale:). Look him up and enjoy his work. I hope to take an online workshop with him later this year.

Tomorrow I get to zoom with my Columbia Friends modern group ... and Sunday afternoon is the monthly Sew&Tell meeting. I have the Hope quilt that Barbara and I are making to work on ... so I'm set for fun.

:) Linda


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