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My friend Barbara shared this with me and I think it is COOL! :) If you click on the picture above, you can go read about the city of Calais in France - long known for its lace making industry - where a large public building has been adorned with a hand painted mural featuring a historical piece of lace. Imagine standing in a public square looking at that! :) There are some photos in the article showing how the chosen artist actually drew the whole thing (imagine the resizing issues!).

The past week has had lots of opportunities for me to sew. I made a list of my outstanding obligations and decided to tackle at least one item quickly. I made a mug rug for the October swap in the Baltimore modern quilt guild. My recipient asked for Halloween ... I don't know whether she reads my blog so, in the interest of preserving her surprise, I share with you this image:

PiecingThis piece is about six by ten inches in size .. and has nine sections to be joined. It was FUN to piece. :) I'll share what the front and back look like after I know she has received it. :) Plan to mail it tomorrow morning.

I received another set of lovely Delectable Mountain blocks, these came from Sashiko in Australia:
SashikosdmI have two more makers to receive blocks from and I will have assembled all the border elements for my EH quilt. I'm eager to get back to work on it. :)

I have also been sewing on the border for my crazy shadow quilt top. Added the borders to my aboriginal quilt and need to assemble the backing to size.

Yesterday evening was the weekly Sip&Sew session with my modern guild buddies. I started in on mounting my 'working' stash fabrics (the ones close to hand that I draw from first when I'm making things:) onto comic book boards. I bought two huge cases of boards several years ago (while my store was still open:) and am FINALLY getting the gumption up to put them into play. Right now I'm working on sorting/mounting my fat quarter collection (currently being held in a chest of drawers left over from my son's childhood bedroom set). I'll take photos tomorrow or the next day when I have light.

I ordered washi tape on Amazon (I don't think it is 'washi' tape as I'm pretty sure it's made of thin plastic as opposed to paper; it has low tack adhesive which is why I wanted to use it). That's what I'm using to attached the fabric ends to the paper board. The comic book boards are acid free paper and came in a 9"x11" size; I'm cutting them in half (to 9"x 5.5") to mount the fqs. Already I'm excited, with only one row of prints done, to be able to quickly thumb through the collection and see them all properly (none of them slumping down into invisible piles:). We'll see how the scheme works out in the long run. :)

Tomorrow I will be zooming with my friends Barbara and Patty. More fabric sorting for me!

:) Linda


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