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The birds have been busily visiting my feeders all week. Tuesday I saw two new-this-season little guys when I was carrying out the recycling -- a black-capped chickadee (top) and a tufted titmouse (bottom). They're both flirty little birds that come here for the winter from points northward, I _think_. I know Autumn is definitely here, now. :) The weather had been alternating  gray and misty skies with bright blue, sunny ones for the past several days. We had rain last weekend (cold and gray) but mostly sunny so far this week.

I took a trip to the post office on Monday to stand in line and mail off my two Stash Bee blocks to Sashiko in Australia - that was expensive (by comparison with the ordinary things I mail:). Supposed to arrive in 10 to 14 days (major fingers crossed on that!) - I hope they get to her in a timely way. 

I finished sewing together the swap blocks for my two grandsons each to have a small Halloween quilt on Wednesday night during the Zoom Sip&Sew. Here are some photos:


Halloween can be scary for little guys (mine are almost-6 and 2.5 years old). I don't think either of these quilts will be frightening but who knows? The Candy Corn block is the one I made for the swap (one to each of the other block makers:). I don't remember which of the nine patches I made - as I recall, each swapper made one applique and one nine patch block.

Today I drove over to Springwater Designs to get backings for these two quilts. Those are 12" blocks so the width of each top is less than the width of quilting fabric (42" or so). I bought two different designs but I don't think it matters which one goes with each top. My long arm lady (Daria Phair) should be calling me soon for my opening. :) Well, Daria is one of the long arm artists I send quilts to ... there are a couple of others, too. :)

When I was at Springwater, I found out that all their Halloween and Fall fabrics were on sale (lucky me!!) ... and I succumbed to a really cute kit they had made up using a Bunny Hill pattern for acorns:

Acorn kitIt's not often I get beguiled by an applique project ... but this one was just too adorable to pass by (imho:). The fabrics are a somewhat delicate array of prints from Moda, designed by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill. I did not take any detailed photos of the fabrics, alas. More as I work on this pretty. :)

Another obligation I ticked off my list this week was a fabric postcard project. The theme for the Baltimore Modern guild's Virtual Retreat next month is Travel (of course:). One pre-retreat activity I signed up to do was a fabric postcard exchange. Here's what I made (the recipient has not received it yet as I just mailed the goodie off today; I don't _think_ she reads my blog, though).

Norway postcardThe place my sendee traveled was to Norway. That was an easy choice to make as the Vikings (from all of Scandinavia) were world class travelers. :) They sailed down/up/along every coastline and river way in Europe and Western Asia ... and even sailed to the New World well before Columbus. My ship isn't as detailed as I would have liked to make .. but there are limits to a 4" x 6" layout. :) I hope she likes it!

That's pretty much all of the sewing I've done so far this week. NO! I almost forgot the Hope project blocks I made and gave back to Barbara already. I did not count them so I'm not sure exactly how many there were. They were a dream to make, though. I should ask her if they are ok - she hasn't said. Done, sewed, picked up and gone. Waiting for the next phase. :)

Hugh and I need to take a trip to the 'regular' grocery store (we buy general stuff at BJs Warehouse but they only sell certain items; anything special we go to Wegman's to get). I had hoped we would do that today ... but I didn't wake up until noon and he went to bed at 11 a.m. soooo not much overlap of awake time between us right now. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow.

:) Linda


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