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Squirrel1This little squirrel used his bushy tail as an umbrella yesterday morning - he was foraging for dropped sunflower seeds beneath the bird feeder in my front yard during a heavy rainfall. I thought it was adorable how bushy his tail was! The weather has been wet and gray and chilly for two days ... followed by chilly sunshine most of today. At least I can enjoy the blue skies! :) Chilly is by recent standards - it is what I think of as 'sweater' weather: mid50s or so. My favorite kind, truthfully - the air is fresh and clean. :)

I've mostly spent the last few days indoors (although I did go out today to pick up some fabric from Springwater Designs, my local quilt shop, and a prescription from Walgreens). I've been reading and sewing again. I'm reading my way through Carrie Vaughn's series of Kitty the werewolf stories at the moment and enjoying a very different world from my day to day humdrum. :) My sewing has been slightly on the exotic side for me, too - back at improvisational piecing using some beautiful hand dyed fabrics by Cherrywood - two scrap bundles I bought from a recent online sale.

Here's what I've made (and not shown yet).


Cwdna Star2
Star2A fair assortment of designs, eh? :) Not sure what it will all turn into and that's ok! I"m enjoying playing with the colors and scraps. Got a bunch of new ones half finished on my sewing table ... maybe I'll share them tomorrow or the next day, when they get more 'real.' :)

When I went to Springwater today, I picked up a length of fabric I bought off their website to use for backing all those small charity quilts I've been piecing. Also bought two treasures for myself. Their shipment of Tula Pink's new Linework prints was in the shop  and I FINALLY got to buy some of the beautiful white-on-white birds flying print I've been jonesing for several months. Not sure what project I will use it for but I am eager to think of one. :)

I also picked up a charm pack (5" squares) of beautiful warm colored wools I hope to use for making a vintage leaf quilt (I found the pattern recently online). That one I will start pretty soon. :)

On the whole, things are going along ok here Chez Schiffer. Life turns onward and we cope as we can.

:) Linda


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