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MD I Voted Sticker 1I got an  email notice today that my mail-in ballot had been counted ... so NOW I've voted. :) So glad to have the opportunity to do so!

Another gray chilly day today with me staying indoors the entire time. Wearing my brown velour sweater and keeping my feet as warm as possible. :) Got some reading done today (last Kitty book) and some cooking (plain quiche for dinner) and a little sewing.

As usual, the Columbia Friends group Zoomed this afternoon for two hours and I sewed the whole time. Made some 5" squares - some four patches, most crumb pieced - and a bigger slab of crumbs with frame. Still accumulating things made with hand dyed fabric scraps ... no design in mind, yet.



Next weekend the Baltimore Modern guild is holding a virtual retreat ... not sure yet what I will focus on sewing but I am hoping to find my Elizabeth Hartman leafy quilt to finish. Gotta get going on finishing moving into my sewing area at long last. Fingers crossed! I'm also hunting for the William Morris reprints I stashed to make my daughter's sofa quilt. Hope to find those, too, so I can get cracking on that project. Cross my toes, too, I guess. LOL.

Driving into Baltimore tomorrow afternoon to pick up retreat swag bags for the Columbia contingent of the modern group. Hope it's an uneventful SAFE journey.

:) Linda


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