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Corvidssm_grandeDid you know that Blue Jays are part of the corvid family? I did not until I found this graphic image - ravens, crows, jays and magpies. Just last week I read an interesting article in Science News - discussing the neurology of Crows. They are extremely intelligent birds and the article included ... "ravens recognize themselves in the mirror and plan for the future. They are also able to put themselves in the position of others, recognize causalities and draw conclusions." Another article mentioned that Corvid and Ape brains reach similar conclusions but have a very different architecture - no one knows how or why they think alike.

This is the time of year many birds are gathering and preparing to migrate to warmer climates for the winter season. I've heard many crow families gathering in our neighborhood this week - I don't know if they migrate but I do know that young crows -  this season's nestlings - stay with their parents and siblings for some time. I hope they are enjoying the beautiful early fall weather we are having as much as I am! Temperatures have been in the low to mid 70s and the skies are blue. 

Not many trees have begun to turn yet as we have not had much true cold. Some trees are day-length moderated in their fall color development so there are a few, here and there, edging into red or yellow. Most are still flourishing and green, though - likely the ones that are temperature moderated for leaf fall. :)

Yesterday, Monday, I managed to get up and attend the monthly Grad Class meeting (via Zoom) for the second month in a row. YEAH me! It was lovely to talk  and listen to the women of Mimi Dietrich's group. :) I spent some time later that afternoon on sewing - I am working on obligations still. I cut out (and today sewed together) four blocks for another bingo quilt project for the modern guild - these are meant for someone else who is constructing a quilt so I have to mail them off tomorrow. Sadly, one of the blocks I made did not meet my standards for good construction so I only had a 75% success rate. :)

The mail has brought me more lovely Delectable Mountain blocks this week:



OH, I almost forgot to record ... I took the vote-by-mail ballots for myself, my husband and my son to deposit in the vault box at the Board of Elections office yesterday while Hugh and I were running errands. I have tried to instill in both my children a reverence and respect for voting; I was extremely pleased that my son was eager to cast his. I trust my daughter will, too.




One of my favorite blogs to read is Attic 24, written by Lucy who is a true colorist. Recently she posted a graphic image on her site that made me laugh:

No beigeOne of the women in Faithful Circle quilt guild, an art quilter, is very much of the same opinion - I thought of her instantly when I saw this. :) I cannot say I completely agree with the sentiment - I like beige, too. I am equal opportunity color lover. LOL!


Tomorrow my friend Barbara and I will make a (zoom) beginning to our charity quilt project to support ovarian cancer research. Looking forward to it!

I remember, about a year ago, thinking that I was not doing enough for charity ... I think I'm getting a handle on that issue at last. 

:) Linda


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