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Maryland Fall

Playing Again

If you click on that photo above, you can go read about actual scientific research on the relationship between color perception in humans and the local environment - if the sky is gray, most humans around the world want to look at yellow! :) For me, it's usually hot pink or tangerine orange ... whatever. :) Today is gray to the max (without rain falling) and I'd like some sunshine. For once I'm in the majority. LOL.

What has been happening ... hmm. I spent most of the weekend sewing up more of my scrap blocks into Comfort quilt sized tops (roughly 40"x40"). I've run out of blocks and most of my scraps (there's always a few, like sourdough starter, to generate more:) ... and made FIVE tops. Pretty good haul for a person who doesn't keep much in the way of scraps. :) Now I have to go off and buy some fabric for backings. 

I was a bit of at a loss when I finished piecing the last scrappy top two days ago so I turned to my fairly new pile of Cherrywood Fabric scraps to play with color. One of my favorite things to do with fabric. I guess I haven't gotten tired of improv quilt making yet because that's what I turned to doing, again. You'd think my aboriginal medallion project would have sufficed. :)

I made two blocks, choosing the most unlikely colors to mix that I could figure (from my pile of CW scraps):



Can you tell, looking at these two pictures, how I made them? If so, you are probably a quilter. :) I just worked with the size of strips I was given ... so not sure how big these blocks are - 10"? 12"? square. I will make a few more and see if I get bored. If so, I'll try something else I can chop and swap around. I think this one might work out to be some kind of puzzle layout. We'll see.

I have to work on my WhiteElephantSwap mini soon - maybe I'll use the Cherrywood solids for that?

Oh, and I have some of those Hope blocks to resew. Likely to be tomorrow's job.

:) Linda


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