New Week
Autumn Rains

Scrappy Intermission

The weather has been lovely and autumnal recently - sunshine, mid60s to 70s in temperature, pleasant. I went for a long-for-me walk on Wednesday and saw that the leaves are just beginning to color and fall in my neighborhood. Today it was gray and overcast and we are supposed to get rain for the next two days. I guess the trees and grass needs watering ... but I find these gray days weary.

I have been working on cutting down my scrap pile here this weekend. Friday during my Zooms with Barbara and Patty I started cutting up the scraps that have collected in my scrap basket (a wicker laundry hamper from years ago) - and clearing up the accumulation of 'things' in the basket at the same time. :) It often serves as the 'landing place' in my sewing room because it sits right beside my machine and in front of my fat quarter drawers.

I rather arbitrarily cut my scraps into 1.5", 2" and 2.5" strips/squares. Anything smaller than a fat eighth goes into the scrap basket, usually. Since I've started board-wrapping my fabrics I've chosen to designate anything that won't wrap once around the board as a scrap ... I was surprised by how much had accumulated in the basket! I don't remember for sure how long it has been since I cleared the scraps - maybe during last winter? Possibly just before the shutdown started but that feels like ancient history as I think back. :P

Anyway, I started clearing away and cutting on Friday. Today I had my Columbia Friends sew-in zoom in the afternoon and I continued sewing the order I had made with my scraps into 'log cabin' or 'courthouse steps' style blocks. I generally make 8" to 10" square blocks this way. I've been making these for about six months and I'm finally beginning to create enough to make a quilt top.

Some time ago I decided to use my scraps to make charity quilts ... and right now I'm debating whether to make smaller ones (40" square or so) to donate to the two child-oriented sites my modern guild supports (Comfort Cases and the reading advocacy center) ... or to make a larger (twin or full) sized bed quilt, possibly to donate to a great-niece or nephew. :) Since I really should quilt these myself (as opposed to spending the money to get them long armed), I will likely choose the smaller object option. :)

I got my mug rug for the Baltimore Modern Guild swap in the mail ... made by Susan Brightman, I think it is very Fall:
MugrugJust right for my cookie and seltzer. :) Very autumnal colors, too.

I am sorting out my books and soon will start in on my patterns - I hope to cut my collection in half, roughly, so I will have room to house it all and might even refer to it from time to time. :) After I offer the librarians of my two guild's the books, I'll list them here so anyone who wants them can (pay the postage and) take them home. :)

Going to rain all day tomorrow - can't go for a walk, so I intend to sew. Oh, and attend the monthly meeting of Baltimore Modern Guild via Zoom. We have a lecturer which I am looking forward to.

:) Linda


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