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Snowgeese_0f1a6833_dxoRemember those Snow Geese I shared with you yesterday? I recalled last night a day when I was in High School (a junior or senior) - we were living on a small farm in rural south Texas while my father went to graduate school - and I looked out the living room window to the small pond (in Texan that's called a tank or stock tank) across the road. There, floating and covering the entire field to the distance was a white carpet of snow geese. Apparently we were  on the migration pathway because we saw them at about the same time the next year, too. So beautiful! :) If you click on the photo you can go read about someone else's observations of their migration.

Today was busy with chores and delights. It was sunny though chilly (50s or so as a high). At noon I zoomed to a meeting of the Handmade Book Club with a presentation on basic book making and questions from the audience for our organizing guru, Ali. :) It was fun and I actually learned some new tips (like how to fold an accordion page). 

Then from 2 to 3:45 or so, my friends Patty and Barbara met me (again via Zoom) to do our usual Friday afternoon sewing. I so enjoy these meetings!! Today I worked on piecing the last scraps of my Cherrywood fabrics into blocks for my improv project. Here is what I made:

Slab1This is about 15" wide and maybe 4" or 5" tall.

Made from the largest and the smallest of my bits.

Slab2This slab is about 10" square or so. I like the variation my little hst bits created.

I enjoyed the sewing with these pieces ... and they were truly very, very improv in  structure. I did not do any preplanning, just letting the sewing flow as I went along and made sections fit together. Pretty soon (early next week maybe) I will lay out all the various slabs and blocks I've made with my hand dyes and see what might be made with them.

I won't be working on that project this weekend, though - Saturday I have the Columbia Friends modern Zoom, as usual, and I plan to start quilting my Scrub Rose mini for the WhiteElephantSwap on Instagram. Sunday afternoon is the monthly meeting of my Sew&Tell buddies ... and I'll likely still be quilting the mini. If I make more progress than I expect on Saturday, I might get to the improv project then. :)

In addition to my zooming today, Hugh and I went grocery shopping in the late afternoon. Our fridge and panty shelves were e.m.p.t.y.!! I should have taken some time to clean the fridge while it was so empty but I did not want to waste the daylight. :) There were no working electric handicap carts to ride at the store today so I walked twice as much as my usual daily goal during our shopping expedition .. and was truly tired when I got home. Phew! Luckily Skip was awake so I could default to letting him and Hugh carry in and stow all the groceries while I sat in my comfie chair and rested. :)

When we walked out the front door on the way to go to the store, here's what greeted us:

Red lawnEven MORE fallen leaves on the front lawn. :) I was surprised that there were any leaves left on the trees at all.

:) Linda


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