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Isn't this incredible?? A Portuguese artist named Ana Martin does cross stitch murals on public street walls. So very cool, in my humble opinion. :) Click on the photos to go see more of her work. I just LOVE seeing needlework in this kind of unexpected venue! :)

The weather was lovely and fall-ish today - mid60s in temperature, sunny, breezy with that wonderful crisp autumnal smell. :) I went out grocery shopping in the late afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine coming and going. My son and husband were both sleeping ... but we were getting desperately low on provender ... so I went alone.

Truthfully, it was hard work for me. I usually ride an electric cart through the store (a big warehouse kind of place) because the concrete floors are so hard on my joints. Can't get much in the way of groceries in a basket cart, though, so I walked and pushed a regular cart. Took my time, found what we needed, and was exhausted by the time I got home. Phew! Luckily my husband was awake from his nap when I got back and could carry in and put away the stuff. :P

I did manage to do some sewing tonight during the modern guild zoom sew-in ... still doing improv piecing with my Cherrywood hand dyed fabric scraps:





I don't know how these bits will fit into my design ... but I sure had a fun time making them. :) The strips you see are about 3/4" wide, mostly.

I also got a good start on my new hand applique project, Falling Leaves. Here's my first block (wool applique):

RedbudThis is the leaf and flower of an Eastern Redbud tree. I'd like to put the name on the block too but I have not decided how to do it (can't ink it which is what I would do on a flat cotton background block). Embroidery? Applique? Still pondering. Have started the second block - yellow locust.

Have an appointment tomorrow to get my hair cut ... and a zoom meeting with Faithful Circle quilt guild (if I wake up in time). :)



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