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Nature in Autumn

ImagesThis photo is from National Geographic (stupidly I did not note the url) and shows the landing of a mass of snow geese into a waterway where cranes already rest. When I saw this picture, I was instantly reminded of Japanese fabric prints with similar subject matter - the ethereal quality of this photo and its celebration of flight inspires me. :)

We have had steady rain and very, very gray skies for the past two days. Before the rain started, on  Tuesday afternoon, I stepped outside and saw that our blood-leaf Japanese maple had turned color overnight. During the growing year, its leaves are a deep maroon red but when cooler weather comes, usually sometime in midNovember, the leaves flame into scarlet and are almost incandescent under sunlight. We have lived in this house for 33 years and every year I am captured by the glory if the color! :)


Sky of treesThis photo was taken, standing with the front door of our house behind me, looking across the front yard into the afternoon sunlight.

Side tree

These two small trees are scions of the large blood-leaf and are situated near the side wall of our neighbors to the west.

Front door

Turning around to show the lower branches of our big blood-leaf maple near our front door.

Baby tree

This is a baby tree that we let grow under the large one - it makes seeds prolifically every spring and any baby that grows in the landscape bed underneath is let grow until we can see its color. :)

Yesterday morning I went out the front door and found heavy rain falling and the front yard (which had been mowed and cleared of all leaves the day before) covered with fallen red leaves. The rain brought most of them down overnight. I took a picture of our driveway (and our parked Bolt) to show the accumulated color.

Red drivewayThe window for leaf peeping in my own front yard was pretty short this year! :) Nevertheless, I love it.

I was going out yesterday to visit my friend Daria in Catonsville (about 12 miles or 20 minutes north by car). She is a long arm quilter and is going to quilt the tops I've been sewing over the past few months. I took 9 tops to her. Five are small (40" square or so) comfort quilts for charity, two are the Halloween quilts for my grandsons, one is my Aboriginal fabric medallion top and the last one is that floating crazy squares bingo quilt. I'm excited to get all  those done - nothing like a quilted top to feel like progress! :)

Of course, one of the backing pieces I took along turned out to be too small - the bingo quilt. So yesterday, on my way home from Catonsville, I stopped at Springwater Designs (my lqs) and bought a nice piece of wide backing to substitute. I found a Moda print (gray leaves with a subtle text background) with a glorious soft hand to use ... took that back to Daria this afternoon. So, despite the cold rain, I've been out twice in two days (a big rush for lately:).

During the virtual modern retreat last weekend, Jenn (the organizer) offered to make a bingo quilt using blocks to be made by members from a pattern donated by Crimson Tate (in our swag bags) called Letters From Home. Last night (Wednesday) I sewed nine of them while chatting with quilt buddies via Zoom during our weekly Sip&Sew meeting.


As you can probably see, I used some of my Cherrywood hand dyed fabric scraps. Each of those envelope blocks measures about 5.5" x 6.5". I had fun pairing colors and playing with combinations. 

There is only a small pile of scraps left from my two bundles of Cherrywood fabrics - maybe enough for one good sized block. I sat earlier this evening and started sewing pairs of scraps together. Tomorrow (when there is more light in my room) I will try to finish it. Then I have to spend the weekend quilting my Scrub Rose mini.

I hope it does not rain tomorrow as I have to go grocery shopping. :P

:) Linda


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